Planted & Forgotten: Innovative Gadgets for Our Outdoor Plants

December 10, 2016
Posted in Garden


Luckily for us, hi-tech devices are designed to take care not just about our indoor plants, but also about the vegetables, greenery and trees growing in our gardens. Let’s find out more about our smart assistants!

Oso Technologies PlantLink

This is an innovative intelligent system for automatic watering comprising of two devices: a sensor and a smart station. The sensor is inserted into soil and sends messages about the lack of moisture to you and to the smart screen. The latter not only starts to water your greenery on cue, but also generates the individual watering schedule. But that’s not all – the schedule is designed bearing in mind the local weather forecast. So, your soil wouldn’t be overwatered.


And in the wintertime the sensor may be used individually for your indoor herbs and flowers.


Rachio Iro

One more amazing device from the Smart Garden category is Rachio. Rachio is also able to control sprinklers and create individual watering schedules. But it’s more complicated – it takes into consideration not only the local weather forecast, but also the type of your soil – sand, loam, clay, clay-loam and so on; the type of plants – moisture-loving, drought-resistant or requiring moderate moisture, and many other parameters. And of course this gadget has a comprehensive system of notifications, which informs the owner about delaying the watering due to rainy weather, about extreme weather conditions and other important events.

A mobile app enables the user to monitor watering records, save the history, correct watering schedule at his own discretion or assume manual garden control.

By the way, this intelligent garden assistant is not only smart and convenient, but also energy-saving: thanks to accounting of weather forecasts in watering schedules, you may save up to 50% of water.

5-intelligent-sprinkler-controller-smart-garden-watering-Rachio Iro

6-intelligent-sprinkler-controller-smart-garden-watering-Rachio Iro

7-intelligent-sprinkler-controller-smart-garden-watering-Rachio Iro


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