Interior Design for Sanguine Personalities: What Is It?

December 11, 2016
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Impulsive, cheerful, sociable, and hospitable – these are characteristics of typical sanguine personalities. They enjoy each day of their lives; love to have guests and travel around the globe.  That is why a chance to arrange interior for a sanguine person always cheers a designer: he or she understands that this project will be 100% positive, filled with bright colors, open space and homey atmosphere. Once we have learned everything about choleric and melancholic types, let’s see what interior designs will be delightful for sanguine people!

Bright & Warm Colors

Multiple sanguine peronalities don’t like monotony in their interiors and don’t feel good about neutral color schemes. Their choice is bright prints, cheerful wall colors and funny upholstery. Comfortable color palette for a sanguine type is bright and warm hues of yellow, orange, green, red, beige and creamy. This kind of temper doesn’t take anything personally. It’s well-balanced, and saturated colors don’t seem annoying or oppressive for them, but rather make a sanguine person’s house even sunnier and more positive.


Open Space & Light

Just like choleric people, sanguine personalities cannot imagine their lives in small and tight spaces. What they need is much open space filled with plenty of light. Open concept rooms and studio apartments seem to be especially created for this type of human temper. Sanguine people always strive for lightness: net curtains, French and bay windows, versatile lighting fixtures, plenty of mirrors and glass elements – everything that adds to the sense of space and volume.


Any Interior Style

Sanguine personalities are quite inconsistent: they can easily and passionately seize an idea, and then cool off very quickly. That’s why when it comes to choosing an interior design style, a sanguine person is recommended to choose any interior style to his liking as the predominant one, and then dilute it with some elements of other interior styles depending on the current mood. So, it’s impossible to name a definite interior style suitable for sanguine temper – the most important thing is that their house must be full of bright colors, space, air, and sunlight.


Functional Furniture

Sanguine person’s home is welcoming and always tastefully furnished. His or her furniture can be characterized as practical and functional. But special attention is paid to the comfort of guests; that’s why their houses always feature many lovely ottomans, comfortable arm-chairs and big cozy sofas.



A sanguine person’s house can also be identified by loads of hand-mades. This temper always tends to create something new: a new cabinet out of an old TV-set, or new curtains out of old bedspread.


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