Minimalist Apartment with Plenty of Niches and Wood Décor

December 13, 2016
Posted in Apartments


The wish list of this apartment’s owners was quite short: natural materials, light color scheme and more voluminous details – wall and ceiling niches. They have entrusted their apartment to an experienced St. Petersburg design and architecture studio, which is famous for its interior design for British American Tobacco office.

Total area of the apartment is 154 sq. m. It consists of 3 rooms and belongs to a young couple with a 3-year-old child. All interior walls in the dwelling were demolished: firstly, for the sake of more convenient layout; secondly, because their quality was pretty poor.

Next step was zoning the space. It was divided quite traditionally – into 2 zones – private and guest ones. The kitchen, dining room, living room and bay window were made open-concept – for receiving big companies.



And the bedroom, playroom and bathroom were isolated with doors.



According to the owners’ desire the space was decorated with plenty of niches on walls and ceilings.

The color palette is quite neutral and natural and comprises mostly beige and brownish hues of wood and stone. In the living room it is diluted with saturated blue color of the wall.



All finishing materials are natural. So are the pebbles and bamboo in the hallway and bathroom. Most of the lighting fixtures are LED.



Many interesting constructions are custom made, such as the kitchen ceiling composition, the bookshelves in the lounge, and bathroom furniture.





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