American-Style House in Moscow Suburbs

December 16, 2016
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Most of the stuff for this house, including furniture and décor, was ordered from the USA, but despite its accordance with canons of American style, this house looks pretty integral with Moscow suburbs.

Apartment Profile

Area: 350 sq. m.

Number of bathrooms: 4

Ceiling height: 2-6 m.

Number of bathrooms: 5

Number of floors: 2

This house belongs to a family of architects and was designed exclusively for rest. Here you will find no work space, but there is a big terrace, 5 bedrooms, a wine cellar, a gorgeous spacious living room and warm homey feeling in every nook.

Layout Peculiarities

A standard initial project was supplemented with a few new rooms designed for the needs of this particular family: a wine cellar, a big terrace, a nanny’s room next to toddler rooms and a loft bed in one of the kid’s bedrooms.



Color Scheme

The color palette is based on natural hues, mostly beige and brownish. The lighting fixtures were carefully selected to arrange a relaxing and smoothing atmosphere.





Custom-Made Stuff

The entire kitchen furniture, including wooden wall panels, was custom-made. So were a fireplace, a staircase, interior doors, and bedroom closets.






The kitchen set was custom-made by the American architects’ drawings. It took 6 months to complete this project from a sketch to home delivery. The owners are very happy about the result.

11-vintage-american-country-style-wooden-house-kitchen 12-vintage-american-country-style-wooden-house-kitchen

Living Room

Living room furniture was also either purchased or custom-made in the USA. For the most part it was ordered from craftsmen of Indian reservations – such an unusual choice is explained by the desire to obtain an absolutely individualized style.

13-vintage-american-country-style-wooden-house-living-room-indian-furniture 16-vintage-american-country-style-wooden-house-living-room-indian-furniture-rocking-chair 15-vintage-american-country-style-wooden-house-living-room-rocking-chair-panoramic-windows 14-vintage-american-country-style-wooden-house-living-room-indian-rocking-chair


Wooden walls are coated with a few layers of paint to gain the patina effect. Stone walls in the hallway, staircase and wine cellar were painted by two professional artists.


On the first floor the flooring is made from manually aged vintage chestnut, on the second floor it’s oak.


All interior doors in this house were hand-made from mahogany.



19-vintage-american-country-style-wooden-house-toddler-kids-child-bedroom-room 18-vintage-american-country-style-wooden-house-toddler-kids-child-room

23-vintage-american-country-style-wooden-house-bathroom 24-vintage-american-country-style-wooden-house-terrace-outdoor-furniture

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