DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

December 19, 2016
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Do you still throw away used mason jars? And tinkerers have already come up with a nice idea to re-use them. Find out how common jars may be turned into unique glass globes for bulbs.


If you have long dreamed about having a designer chandelier but trendy models are out of your price range, this only means that you should literally fix this with your own hands. A good old way to save money on home décor is to re-use the stuff you have, like empty mason jars, for example.

So, to pioneer in the lighting design sphere and make this lovely chandelier by yourself you will need the flowing things:

  • 5 mason jars
  • 5 common lamp wires
  • 5 light bulbs
  • and a drill

Firstly, remove a cap from the lamp holder. Take a lid off the jar and put the removed cap on its backside. Draw a circle round the inner opening of the cap.


Secondly, drill a few holes round the drawn circle trying to make them as close to each other as possible.


Thirdly, carefully gouge the circle out. Attention: push from the outside in. If it’s too difficult, use a knife to make additional incisions.


Fourthly, insert the lamp holder into the resulting opening and fix it with a cap.


Fifthly, do the lid up on the jar again. Congratulations – one element of your future chandelier is ready!


Repeat all five steps with the other four jars.

As soon as all elements of the chandelier are ready, fix them to some base, a plank of wood, for example. For this purpose, please, ask professionals for help to avoid injury. You may use multi-color jars or increase their number, like on th photo. Use your imagination! Good luck!


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