Unique Glass House in Moscow Suburbs: Part 3 – Engineering

December 20, 2016
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Once we have got an insight into the architectural and lighting details of the unique glass house in Moscow suburbs, let’s find out some interesting engineering details of this splendid project.


Most of what you can see in the interior of this amazing house was custom-designed and made. One of the most outstanding elements is a staircase. It is the fruit of very long precise and one-of-a-kind engineering work with plenty of experimental aspects. Structurally it is made up of console glass staircases highlighted with uniform LED-lighting fixtures. The latter offer the choice of about 6 million colors from a remote control unit.


The stair railings also became a component of the interior bridge composition. This staircase is literally a sculptural object, an element of lighting system and the only dynamic interior item in terms color and light: all the rest is pretty monochrome. It creates chromotherapy effect while being a geometrical composition of light and color design at the same time.


Interior Bridge

Another important object semantically and literally connected to the staircase is a glass bridge leading to the so-called “sunset” zone.


If you look more closely, its railings are inclined at an angle, which is different from the angle of the roof. According to the architect, the right angle was determined by the wish to create optical effects out of reflections of skylights, crystal chandelier designs and significant art objects. Simply put, he wanted to reach the refraction of light and a whole set of reflections, which can be watched just from definite spots on the bridge.


Waterfall Bar

One more outstanding designer and engineering construction in the sunset zone is the so-called Waterfall Bar, alias a humidifier. In this splendid composition water falls from the height of 13 meters, flows through footrests under the table, gets back to a reservoir and goes round again. The surface of the construction is stealth-style, composed of numerous fragmented frosted-mirror-like pieces. The right angle lets the water from the waterfall disappear and humidify the space.

Also, the construction may boast a mini-bar function. It features a compartment for storing bottles: when water evaporates, this zone stays cool and keeps temperature of about 16 degrees Celsius, which is just perfect for wine.






The 16-m-high fireplace penetrating both floors of the space is also custom-made. This house is obviously not suited for standard heating methods, and engineers had to design and integrate a very comprehensive system.




Ventilation system in the glass house is surely also customizable. It’s based on a door and skylights, which are programmed to open automatically. Thanks to this technology, there is absolutely no need for installing an air conditioning system here. Of course the system is pretty smart and considers a set of contributing factors: the movement of the sun in the sky, glazing and even the wind blowing from the forest area.


To be continued…..

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