5 Exclusive Porcelain Sets from Latest Collections

December 23, 2016
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Exclusive designer porcelain is something to fall in love with once and forever. Who knows, maybe today true admirers of finer things will see their future family heirloom in our selection of new exclusive porcelain sets. All the table settings are backed up by comments and impressions of a professional decorator, Marina Zherenko.

Table setting № 1 impressed me with its exquisite combination of saturated multicolor palette and a tablecloth of similar color scheme. Though the cup handles and pattern of the tablecloth have distinctive baroque motives, the modern interpretation of color wouldn’t let this set look like a museum exhibit – quite the contrary, it looks pretty modern and “cultured”. The chic detail of the composition is gold-plated cutlery of perfectly smooth form. To me it looks quite expensive, but not too pompous at the same time.

1-exclusive-beautiful-china-porcelain-tea-set-beige-yellow-white-floral-tablecloth 2-exclusive-beautiful-china-porcelain-tea-setbeige-yellow-white-floral-tablecloth-golden-plated-cutlery

Setting № 2 addresses the trendy theme of leaves, ferns and birds, which blend in the ornament so perfectly that can be hardly noticed among the foliage. The designer’s idea was to make them kind of an extension of the plant motives, and this magical effect makes you find something new in this tableware each time you look at it. The color scheme is also very original: calm tones play around with bold warmer hues to get unusual change from lilac and pink to terracotta and green.


China set № 3 is cheering you up with a fashionable mixture of blue and yellow. Such bold colors and seeming simplicity of the idea, however, don’t make this collection look trivial. Watching this sunny set people get a boost of energy and optimism, and elegant painted glasses from the same series casually remind you that you’re dealing with an art object.

4-exclusive-beautiful-china-porcelain-dining-set-yellow-and-blue-plate-painted-wine-glass-robert-haviland 5-exclusive-beautiful-china-porcelain-tea-set-yellow-and-blue-robert-haviland

I liked setting № 4. Of course, I have no idea what the author’s concept was, but in this very set I see an incredibly beautiful spiral and magnificent attraction of the central point, which takes you somewhere very far and deep.

6-exclusive-beautiful-china-porcelain-tea-set-white-and-red-saucer-cup 7--exclusive-beautiful-china-porcelain-tea-set-white-and-red-saucer-cup

And no one can pass by plate № 5. Personally I felt a weird feeling of kinship with Monet. Certainly the technique is not his, but this fascinating mixture of colors and passion for garden motives are definitely his. But the spice of the plate is its small, yet very touching detail: if you look closely, you will see two tiny human figures at the end of the garden path. They seem to be not very young, but something says that they still love each other just like many years ago.


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