Berlin Bachelor Pad

December 23, 2016
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It’s always interesting to look at interior design projects, which are deemed special and “completely different from all other projects” by the designers who made them. Today we will speak about such an interior. It’s located in the heart of Germany, in Berlin, and belongs to a single young man.

According to the designers, they felt special interest in this very apartment, because its master is a person who has individual lifestyle and doesn’t stick to any designer clichés. This openness for something brand new, including latest unique finishing materials and bold décor, resulted into a very interesting and one-of-a-kind bachelor pad. Let’s come in and have a look!

Independence from a standard approach reveals itself as soon as you enter the flat. There is no traditional entrance hall – from the very start you find yourself in a big open space. 

1-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-entrance-hall-terrace-exit-walnut-wall-big-designer-clock 2-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-entrance-hall-terrace-exit-walnut-wall-big-designer-clock-track-lights-futuristic-outdoor-furniture

The centerpiece of this zone is a clock. Traditionally designers plan the layout and then decide on how to decorate empty spaces. In this case it was vice versa – one of the designers from Berlin Rodeo Studio saw this lovely watch at an exhibition in Milan, and fell in love with it once and forever. He was sure that this clock must be fit into the bachelor pad and hired a carpenter to create a decent background for this important element of décor. As a result the entrance zone was decorated with a splendid walnut wall and a clock. Besides its decorative function, the clock is located absolutely to the point – it’s pretty convenient to know the exact time when you leave the house.


The living room is designed in modern style with an accent on geometry. The first thing which appeared in this room was the wallpaper. Its texture is something absolutely new on the wallpaper market: even from the distance one can see that it’s kind of made from numerous triangular pieces of hand-tailored nubuck leather.

4-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-living-room-unusual-geometrical-3D-wall-zebra-skin-on-the-floor-head-with-horns-on-the-wall 5-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-living-room-unusual-geometrical-3D-wall-zebra-skin-on-the-floor-head-with-horns-on-the-wall-marble-table-top-beige-sofa-green-couch-pillows

After this wall was decorated with a head of an animal with horns, which perfectly blends with the color and mood of this zone. And finally the geometrical theme was followed by a wall made of 4 types of rings arranged in a fanciful way.


From the living room you can get to a cozy terrace that becomes a full-fledged part of the apartment in summer time.

8-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-living-room-unusual-geometrical-3D-wall-green-carpet-terrace-exit-track-lights 9-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-apartment-terrace-accent-lighting-futuristic-outdoor-furniture 10-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-3d-wallpaper-walnut-frame-terrace-exit-dining-room-marble-table-top-track-lights

The dining room centerpiece is the table, of course. Its dimensions are 2.7mx1.1m and its marble top had to be delivered here by crane. The dining room also features a stunning geometrical element: 3D wallpaper, which is dressed up in 4 walnut frames. It’s meant not just for decorative purpose, but with sound absorption in mind – deflecting the sounds, it reduces the noise in the dining area.

11-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-3d-wallpaper-walnut-frame-terrace-exit-dining-room-marble-table-top-white-chairs 12-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-3d-wallpaper-walnut-frame-dining-room-marble-table-top 12-2-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-green-kitchen-green-chest-of-drawers

Guest bedrooms and a master bedroom are more conventional and designed in a more isolated way to ensure comfortable rest. And you surely noticed that the flat features many track lights: they perfectly emphasize key interior elements (like the animal head and the 3D walls), enhance the warm tones of the color scheme and spot out numerous artworks hanging on the walls.

13-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-guest-bedroom-gray-sofa-gray-walls-white-arm-chair 14-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-bedroom-blue-bedspread-beige-walls 15-bachelor-pad-interior-modern-style-blue-chest-of-drawers-beige-walls-track-lights-modern-painting

Find out more details of this project from a movie by Chibi Moku:


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