Self-Designed Apartment with English Motives

December 23, 2016
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Irene, a young woman from the Ukraine, has moved to a newly-built neighborhood in the suburbs of Kyiv at the end of 2011. The place was especially charming for her thanks to fresh air and a forest view opening from big windows. During 1.5 years she managed to change the apartment to her liking: arranged an open-concept kitchen and living room, expanded the bathroom, and found a space for built-in closets.


Being quite a bold and self-sufficient person, Irene decided to design her interior all by herself. As any other human, she wanted her living space to be comfortable and cozy, homey for herself and the friends. Inspiration was drawn from the travel memories, but the key source of ideas was her trip to England. Crown moldings, Victorian baseboard, curtains made from natural materials, rugs and painted walls – all typical must-haves of English style are present here. With some eclectic additions, of course.

1-english-interior-style-white-victorian-baseboard-pink-walls-white-closets-hallway 2-english-interior-style-white-victorian-baseboard-pink-walls-white-closets-hallway4-english-interior-style-open-concept-living-room-white-kitchen-green-sofa-ball-lamp-shaggy-rug-carpet-pastel-green-walls-brick-wall-dining-set 5-english-interior-style-white-kitchen-set-dining-room-furniture-set

Apartment Profile:

Area: 90.5 sq. m.

Ceiling height: 2.6 m.

Number of rooms: 3

The master is very patriotic and was trying to use furniture and finishing materials of the Ukrainian origin, including all white furniture pieces, white decorative brick for the lounge wall, and floor boards. The living room was designed with a big company of friends in mind: two sofas are arranged face to face with a cozy shaggy carpet between them. An old record player was inherited from the previous owners of her office. The records came here from the Grandma’s attic, and some vinyls were brought from travels to Europe. Photos and posters arranged by the white brick wall are friends’ gifts.

6-english-interior-style-open-concept-living-room-green-sofa-ball-lamp-shaggy-rug-carpet-pastel-green-walls-brick-wall 7-english-interior-style-vinyl-records

The bedroom is the reflection of the owner’s childhood dreams – with saturated color palette and a white dressing table on elegant legs. The furniture is custom-made from natural solid wood.

8-english-interior-style-bedroom-blue-walls-curtains-white-dressing-table-crystal-chandelier 9-english-interior-style-bedroom-blue-walls-curtains-white-dressing-table-crystal-chandelier

The headboard zone features an extra open storage area.  The picture going apart from the English-style motives was brought from Hong Kong.


The bedroom has a balcony exit which opens to the forest from one side and a backyard from the other side.

11-panoramic-forest-view 12-panoramic-view-apartment-buildings

A small room is temporarily designed as a walk-in closet and a yoga room and hardly reminds of English style.

13-eclectic-interior-style-lilac-walls-roman-blinds-green-curtains-yoga-room 14-english-interior-style-victorian-baseboard-white-door-big-mirror-green-curtains

But the bathroom keeps the English theme: vertical stripes on the wall tiles and shapes of sanitary porcelain and fixtures are closely associated with the land of the red rose and were manufactured there as well.

15-english-interior-style-bathroom-vertical-stripes-wall-tiles-english-sanitary-porcelain-bathtub-elegant-wash-basin 16-english-interior-style-bathroom-water-tap-retro-shower-vertical-stripes-wall-tiles

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