Huge Creative Apartment with Art Gallery & Roof Exit

December 24, 2016
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This huge apartment with an area of about 500 sq. m. has an interesting history. First of all, it used to be a 17-room communal apartment shared by 17 families living here in Soviet times together respectively. Secondly, it belongs to a father of 7 kids, which is admirable especially nowadays. Thirdly, the master is a famous Russian businessman, an artist and a participant of Art Expo New York. Fourthly, the house was built back in the 19th century by Alexander Pel, a great Russian chemist and pharmacist. But what is most special about it is its current look – very free, creative and artistic.

Apartment Profile:

Area: 500 sq. m.

Floor number: 5

Ceiling height: 3.5 m.

Number of rooms: 4


In view of the impressive age and area of the house, it took about a year to renovate. In the first turn demolished were a few walls, then the floors were totally replaced and ceilings decorated. Within this period of time the construction crew had to rent a truck to get the demolition waste picked up as much as 67 times!

The interior was designed by the master in partnership with a professional architect known for her design project of a famous restaurant. Selected as a starting point and a source of inspiration was Russian nature. The space is filled with these motives – in wall paintings and numerous artworks, even the entrance hall is decorated with fanciful landscapes.

1-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-on-the-walls 2-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-on-the-walls-and-door 3-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-on-the-wall-bathroom 4-creative-interior-design-artist's-bathroom-shower-cabin-wooden-wall-sun-shaped-mirror-frame

In the ordinary sense of the word, there are just 2 custom rooms here – a bedroom and a work room. Everything else is versatile multi-functional halls. The kitchen zone is also pretty tight and open to the lounge area featuring a bar and plenty of sitting furniture.

5-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-loft-style-open-concept-living-room-kitchen-brick wall 6-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-loft-style-brick-wall-sofa-chairs-sitting-funriture 7-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-loft-style-open-concept-living-room-kitchen-brick wall 8-yoga-nails

The walls are covered with numerous paintings of the master and his friends. There are so many in the interior that the host has to arrange them as exhibitions from time to time. For this purpose he devoted a grand open space on the mezzanine floor with skylights and track lights. From this room one get to the roof, where the host has a special place for yoga practices.

9-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-brick-walls-hallway 10-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-political-sports-theme-brick-wall 11-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-political-sports-theme-brick-wall-staircase 12-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-political-sports-theme-brick-wall-staircase 13-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-political-sports-theme-brick-wall-staircase 14-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-brick-wall-skylights-art-gallery 15-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-brick-wall-skylights-art-gallery-track-lights 16-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-roof-exit 17-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-roof-view-st-petersburg

The flat is filled with many cabinets, most of which came from the ex-inhabitants of the communal apartment and were restored by the host fit in the new interior. Also he bought a bunch of old Zinger sewing machines and adapted their pedestals as table underframes.

18-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-political-sports-paintings-brick-walls-zinger-sewing-machine-pedestals-as-table-underframe (2) 19-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-brick-walls-zinger-sewing-machine-pedestals-as-table-underframe 20-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-political-sports-paintings-brick-walls-zinger-sewing-machine-pedestals-as-table-underframe

Also the flat may boast an amazing functioning tiled stove.

21-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-functioning-tiled-stove 22-creative-interior-design-artist's-apartment-studio-artworks-paintings-functioning-tiled-stove

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