Tortora Color in Interior Design

December 24, 2016
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“Tortora” is an Italian word used to indicate a light-brown color with the shades of grey, or simply dove grey. This color is becoming increasingly popular in the world of interior design for several reasons: it’s neutral, it gives sense of protection and it visually expands narrow rooms.

In this post you will see the interior design project of a total dove grey apartment decorated in the modern style.

An interior design studio was given the following task – to convert a 3-room apartment into a 4-room one and consider the following zones:

  • 2 separate kids rooms for daughter and son
  • isolated guest bathroom
  • walk-in closet
  • laundry room
  • storage room

Total space of the apartment — 140 sq.m. — allowed to realize all of these client’s wishes.

Colors. Predominant colors – grey and brownish grey, or tortora, bring the sense of harmony and comfort to the interior. But it’s wrong to think that these at first sight neutral colors may make friends with any others. Here the designers have diluted them with white – against the general dove grey background white looks quite fresh, if not bright. It is advisable to couple dove grey with ivory or milky-white, rather than snow-white shade. Otherwise your noble dove grey space may look a little “dirty”.

1-tortora-dove-gray-interior-living-room-futuristic-lamp 2-tortora-dove-gray-interior-living-room-futuristic-lamp

The second reason to use dove grey is its potential to expand the space visually. You may pay attention that in this apartment almost 100% of the rooms have a form of an elongated rectangle, so the choice of color is quite understandable.

3-tortora-dove-gray-interior-kitchen-futuristic-lamp-white-glossy-kitchen-set 4-tortora-dove-gray-interior-kitchen-futuristic-lamp-white-glossy-kitchen-set 5-tortora-dove-gray-interior-kitchen-futuristic-lamp-white-glossy-kitchen-set 6-tortora-dove-gray-interior-laundry-room 7-tortora-dove-gray-interior-corridor-hallway 8-tortora-dove-gray-interior-bathroom 9-tortora-dove-gray-interior-balcony-narrow-loggia

Finishing materials. In this project preference was expressed for natural finishing materials – solid wood flooring and cork. Designers believe that these eco-materials create emotional conneсtion of people to items of their interiors. Perception of their soothing colors, grains and shapes has a positive impact on both physical and mental health.


Lighting. Dove grey in interior design entails versatile sources of light. Here the designers combined multilevel LED lighting with futuristic lamps.

 11-tortora-dove-gray-interior-bedroom-futuristic-lamp-3D-wall-panel-decor-built-in-closet 12-tortora-dove-gray-interior-bedroom-futuristic-lamp-3D-wall-panel-decor-built-in-closet 13-tortora-dove-gray-interior-bedroom-futuristic-lamp-3D-wall-panel-decor-built-in-closet

Bright accents. Despite its neutral nature, total dove grey interior may with time get a little bit dull for people surrounded by it, especially for kids. That’s why their rooms were refreshed with bright accents – photo wallpaper and cork floor with photo printing, which reflect children’s hobbies and interests.

14-tortora-dove-gray-interior-kid's-girl's-bedroom-cork-floor-digital-photo-printing 15-tortora-dove-gray-interior-kid's-girl's-bedroom-cork-floor-digital-photo-printing 16-tortora-dove-gray-interior-kid's-boy's-bedroom-in-marine-style-cork-floor-digital-photo-printing 17-tortora-dove-gray-interior-kid's-boy's-bedroom-in-marine-style-cork-floor-digital-photo-printing 18-tortora-dove-gray-interior-kid's-boy's-bedroom-in-marine-style-cork-floor-digital-photo-printing

One more interesting detail is an air bubble panel in the hallway.

19-tortora-dove-gray-interior-entrance-entry-room 20-tortora-dove-gray-interior-entrance-entry-room-air-bubble-panel 21-tortora-dove-gray-interior-entrance-entry-room-air-bubble-panel

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