9 Golden Rules for Perfect Closet Organization: Part 2

December 26, 2016
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How to arrange dresses, where to keep worn clothes and what stuff needs to be stored in dustproof cases? The answers for these and other questions are here, in the continuation of 9 golden rules for perfect closet organization.


Rule № 5: Not clothes hangers only

If it’s not about a small open closet, in wardrobes we store stuff not on clothes hangers only. In this case versatile baskets, boxes and cabinets might be of use, as well as clothes dividers and transparent containers. Shelf dividers are also very helpful in maintaining order. While transparent boxes are ideal for storing socks, underwear and accessories, since their contents are pretty clear and looking for the right stuff gets far easier.

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Rule № 6: Organize out-of-season clothes

Well-organized storage of out-of-season stuff is an important point of a neat closet. It can be put in textile bags, remote boxes, wheeled cabinets and even suitcases. It’s advisable to keep coats and dresses in dustproof cases or vacuum storage bags. And why not store these things apart from the closet – inside the bed or sofa, for example.


Rule № 7: Use clothes covers

Textile clothes covers are suitable not just for storing out-of-season stuff, but also for long-term storage of delicate things, suits, fur and so on. Not just they increase the life of clothes, but also help to separate frequently worn stuff from the things that are waiting for a special event or other season of the year.

One more tip: not to open all the cases looking for a definite dress or suit, make images of things stored in cases and stick them to the covers. This will save pretty much time in the future.


Rule № 8: Keep worn clothes separately

Not every thing has to be washed after being put on once, but putting it back to the clean clothes is also not advisable. So where to store it? There are several options: rods, mannequins, and a specially assigned department in the wardrobe, a small open closet or a coat hanger. The same spots can be used for arranging the things you’d like to wear tomorrow.


Rule № 9: Add a finishing touch

So, step by step we have organized the clothes properly, arranged the accessories and figured out where to keep out-of-season stuff. Now our closet is really functional, and some pretty small things can add a finishing touch to make it truly ideal. Get or make some beautiful hangers, add a few aroma sachets (with one and the same scent preferably) and hang a small mirror. And should you need some source of inspiration, create your personal inspiration board on the back side of the doors – use clippings from fashion magazines, images of famous people or your own photographs – anything to your liking!


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