Sliding Doors in Versatile Interior Styles

December 27, 2016
Posted in Decor

If you are still wondering what kind of doors should be installed in your house, so that it was stylish and space-saving at the same time, consider the option of sliding doors. No “push”, no “pull” – have a look at our collection of versatile sliding doors in completely different interiors.


The latest trend for those who are not afraid of bold experiments is real barn doors installed inside the house. It’s perfect when you’re willing to create the chalet feel in your interior, or when you need to add some country-style motives:


And if a barn door is a coated with a super bright paint, it will surely become a positive eye-catchy accent of the space:


By means of sliding doors we can create super transformable interiors:


And an industrial-looking sliding door can dilute any monochrome room:


Here is an option of expanding the functions of barn doors:


Can a sliding door be made of a solid piece of wood? Why not!


In the kitchen a sliding door can have a chalkboard surface – convenient, practical and nice:


The more sliding doors, the better: one room can be entered from two sides:


It seems like sliding doors were especially made for Scandinavian interiors when you look at this photo:


Of course, sliding doors are irreplaceable in bathrooms, especially in narrow ones:


Is the land of the rising sun something that makes you tick? Then try an oriental model of sliding doors:


Play around with forms – a sliding door is not necessarily flat:


Doors may be designed to match the style and grain of wooden Scandinavian flooring:


And for those of you who still feel difficulty choosing the right model, there is a pivoting option, which is a symbiosis of sliding and swing doors:


…and ergonomical folding doors:


Doors are a wonderful thing. Who knows where they would bring us next time. So choose them to your liking!

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