10 Inspiring Winter Wall Murals

December 28, 2016
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Winter is in full swing! There are types of people who value winter more than any other season of the year. According to psychologists, personalities preferring cold winter weather are very individualistic: their life is dictated by the “cat” principle: “all by myself”. Most frequently these are people, who avoid too close and frequent communication, never show off their emotions and keep feelings deep inside. Being very patient and achievement-oriented, they easily overcome obstacles. Fans of wintertime have a very short list of friends, which they very carefully review. But if they do let someone come into their world, they prove to be very devoted friends and model spouses.


If in this description you recognized yourself, this post is meant for you. Enthusiasts of winter tend to strive for this cold and calm season during the whole year. But as soon as March appears on the calendar, all attributes of this beautiful time are gone. So why not arrange a lovely winter wall mural? They do exist and they’re absolutely fascinating, even for those who love spring :)

So, let’s begin!

Show your guests that an iceberg is not just a tip. Such wallpaper is really fresh and magical:


You probably heard of health benefits of barberries, but hardly imagine what they look like in living nature, do you? They’re splendid! Especially in the wintertime. Especially in your home:


Snow-white horses in the winter landscape – this is something very natural and free, isn’t it?


Huge icicles are not just pleasing for the eye, but also reminding that we mustn’t walk beside icy roofs in winter:


And the following wallpaper will double your time spent in bed, especially on weekends:


If you are inclined to Scandinavian motives in interior design, snow-covered forest on a picturesque lake shore is something that you need to create a true winter fairy-tale in your home:


Only mountains can be better than mountains, they say in the Ukraine. And this wall print is a nice proof of this saying:


3D photo wallpaper and you already seem to be walking on frost-covered grass:


If wild nature theme is something that makes you tick, try to inspire yourself with such a mural:


Who is that, peeking out of the sofa, with horns and all covered with snow? No, no – it’s not a duped husband coming from the snowstorm – just an Alaskan deer living on your wallpaper :)


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