Futuristiс Totally White Apartment with Panoramic Windows

December 28, 2016
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Can an apartment in a big foggy northern city be always light and sunny? Is it possible to design a living area of 272 sq. m. without a single sharp angle? Today’s interior project says “yes” to both of these questions.


Apartment profile:

Area: 272 sq. m.

Bathrooms: 4

Ceiling height: 3.2 m.

Number of rooms: 7

The layout of this apartment is very original and individual. Arranged in futuristic interior style, it’s based on totally smooth lines and fanciful shapes, which make all the interior elements seem to be integral with the flooring and walls. Everything in this space is a coherent whole, including conceptual lighting system and self-leveling flooring. And there is no wallpaper: the walls are entirely finished with decorative plaster.


Huge floor-to-ceiling windows overlook splendid Neva River and the historical center of Saint Petersburg. White was chosen as a predominant color of all surfaces and furnishing not just owing to futuristic style requirements. The main reason was its reflective characteristics. In most rooms window panes serve as the main source of light, and every day the flat is filled with different mood, depending on the weather conditions.


The only exception from totally monochrome interior is two toddler rooms, which were diluted with a few colorful accents.

3-1-white-walls-colorful-accents-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-kid's-toddler-room-turquoise-sofa-couch 3-2-white-walls-colorful-accents-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-kid's-toddler-room-turquoise-sofa-couch 3-3-white-and-blue-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-kid's-toddler-room-loft-bed

However, the designers didn’t set the artificial lighting behind. Bearing in mind rainy northern weather of the city, they have arranged plenty of lamps and lighting fixtures in multiple recesses and ledges.

4--total-white-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-de-sede-sofa-columns-3D-ceiling-living-room 4-2--total-white-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-3D-ceiling-kitchen-dining-room-corian-table

The huge open lounge space includes two zones: a husband’s and a wife’s one. Thanks to sliding glass partitions the spouses can change the layout of the room depending on the current task – turn in into an open lounge zone or create two isolated work rooms.

5-1--total-white-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-columns-glass-interior-wall-partition-work-room-3D-ceiling 5-2--total-white-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-columns-glass-interior-wall-partition-work-room-3D-ceiling 5-3--total-white-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-columns-glass-interior-wall-partition-work-room-3D-ceiling-orange-arm-chair

The tables are made from corian, an artificial stone, which allows for creating such bionic shapes. The centerpiece of the room is a white sofa – a conceptual masterpiece of De Sede brand. Its back cushions are absolutely mobile and may offer any comfortable viewing angle.

6-1-total-white-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-3D-ceiling-kitchen-dining-room-corian-table 6-2-total-white-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-de-sede-sofa-columns-3D-ceiling-living-room

From the first sight it seems that the space lacks blinds. In fact they are just hidden in ceiling recesses to preserve the sense of openness and light and can be used if needed.


One more interesting item of the project is black painted glass, which serves as a partition between the guest bathroom and the entrance hall and a decorative element at the same time.

8-1-total-white-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-3D-ceiling-entrance-hall-glass-wall-decorative-element 8-2--total-black-glossy-futuristic-style-bathroom-interior-design

Master bathroom is located right behind the bedroom. The latter has a splendid city view, and the designers wanted their clients to be able to enjoy it even when taking a bath. That’s how a transparent glass partition appeared in the headboard zone. With privacy in mind, there is a remote-controlled curtain that can be closed optionally.

9-1--total-white-beige-pastel-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-round-bed-bedroom-glass-bathroom-wall-partition 9-2--total-white-beige-pastel-glossy-futuristic-style-interior-design-panoramic-windows-self-levelling-floor-round-bathtub-bedroom-glass-bathroom-wall-partition

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