Naturalistic Attic Interior Design

December 28, 2016
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This attic interior is a unique combination of modern comfort and beauty of living nature, style and coziness. Natural textures coupled with naturalistic color scheme create the sense of soothing silence, blurring the borders between the interior and a pine forest outside the house.

Each window of this spacious attic overlooks the tops of century old pine trees, and this fact has actually laid the foundation for the general interior concept. What the designer wanted was to create the illusion of being surrounded by living nature, among the silence of the old wood, while you are spending time inside the house.


Firstly, it was decided to keep the open concept of the space: partitions were built just to separate the bathroom and the staircase. While all the other zones – bedroom, storage, work and shower ones are absolutely open and integral.


The area of morning shower and morning water procedures is located in front of a skylight. Taking shower or cleaning teeth the hosts can enjoy the view of pine trees and breathe in fresh forest air coming from the open window. Glass walls of the shower cabin are penetrating into the built-in transparent glass wash basin, through which one can see a splendid mosaic wall by Appiani. The table top extends further as a writing desk and a dressing table with some storage spots arranged below.

3-modern-naturalistic-eco-attic-interior-design-LED-lights-skylights-built-in-glass-wash-basin-suspended-cabinets-glass-shower-cabin-mosaic-wall-tiles-bathroom 4-modern-naturalistic-eco-attic-interior-design-skylight-glass-shower-cabin-bautiful-forest-view 5-modern-naturalistic-eco-attic-interior-design-skylights-built-in-glass-wash-basin-mosaic-wall-tiles-bathroom-forest-view 6-modern-naturalistic-eco-attic-interior-design-LED-lights-skylights-built-in-glass-wash-basin-glass-shower-cabin-mosaic-wall-floor-tiles-bathroom-wooden-table-top

Lightness and airiness of the space is increased by means of suspended cabinets and chests of drawers: they do not overload the room visually and serve as additional glossy reflective surfaces for naturalistic colors of the project.


Textile headboard is an eco and cozy motive of the interior. The same function was entrusted to accessories and home textile by Jag Zoeprpritz. For instance, a jute ottoman and aged wooden frames add to natural theme of the room, and lovely decorative pillows soften the laconic flat shapes of furnishing and bring a hint of irony to the calm atmosphere.


The wall in the headboard zone is decorated with faded pine panels that not just bring a pleasing visual and tactile effect, but also a wonderful flavor of tree bark.

The flooring is surely also ecological, made from solid massive boards.


With a big area of the space and a complex shape of the ceiling in mind, the sights were set upon built-in LED lights. They both ensure homogenous light distribution and create an effect of sun rays finding a way through tree crowns…

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