Latest Trends in Designer Chinaware

December 29, 2016
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Porcelain is a wonderful natural material, which gives birth to absolutely unique and extremely beautiful things. In wintertime we especially feel the need for something non-standard, fascinating and aesthetically perfect. Like in a fairy-tale. In this post we would like to show you how wonderful and versatile porcelain things can be.


Today we decided to focus on one brand – L’objet. Despite the fact that it’s very young for chinaware industry (started since 2004), it has already found many fans, especially thanks to its interesting design and easy care. Let’s take a closer look at the details and latest trends.

One of the top trends of present time is willingness to mix colors and metals. And this applies to items of different brands or sets, as well as combinations of different parts of the one collection into a single composition. Plates of different sizes and patterns are a vivid example of this saying.


The noblest type of ceramics is the so-called bisque – a matte, unglazed type of porcelain, which is currently at the pick of its fame. And if it’s arranged in fairy-tale style, for example, in the form of small animal or bird figurines, it will be welcomed by both passionate collectors and common connoisseurs of beauty and grace.


Some people may say that this set is pretty traditional and nothing special. But it’s not quite true – here classics has got new appearance through the above-mentioned trend to combine different collections and colors.


Taking a closer look at the edge of this plate, one can realize what a delicate work was done. In pursuit of inspiration, Elad Yifrach, the founder of the company, has travelled around the globe, dipping into versatile national cultures and trying to catch their subtle and exquisite peculiarities. Maybe that is why his own product is usually a delicate combination of different motives. Like this plate, in which Mediterranean hints blend with oriental-style matte gold.


 Malachite décor has been increasingly popular lately: designers actively use it even in wallpaper patterns and wall panels. And luxurious tableware is no exception.


Craftsmen of L’objet apply decorative layers of platinum and gold by hand. This work is very hard and tedious, but the result is absolutely impressive.

6-exclusive-luxurious-china-porcelain-tableware-l'objet-white-and-gold-tea-set 7-exclusive-luxurious-china-porcelain-tableware-l'objet-white-and-gold-set-plates

Matte gold and blue lapis lazuli are an ideal couple. Almost entire L’objet tableware is made from the Limoges porcelain. Its name refers to the south-western region of France, where deposits of special white kaolin clay are situated.


What is special about this porcelain is firstly its whiteness and secondly its firmness. With contemporary lifestyles in mind, L’objet makes its products not just beautiful, but practical. The company claims to possess innovative production technologies, which allow leaving its chinaware in a dishwasher even for a night without any negative impact on the product look.


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