Bathroom Ceiling Design: 8 Nice Tips

December 30, 2016
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Usually, when it comes to bathroom renovation, we are more likely to start picking sanitary porcelain, wash basin cabinets and tiles. And very occasionally someone considers bathroom ceiling décor. That’s what we suggest you to think about that today.


Heavenly Color

The right hue of blue color for the horizontal surface is often hard to find. Here the most important thing is to start from evaluating your initial interior aspects, such as availability of day light and intensity of artificial lighting. This way, should you choose too cold hue of blue color, your bathroom will feel “cold” too, especially if it’s windowless and the color temperature of artificial lighting is low.

 However, if you choose well, your heavenly color can be made even more beautiful by adding some “clouds” on it. By means of a dry paint brush or sponge you can imitate airy white clouds on your personal sky, which will also bring the illusion of depth and 3D effect to the ceiling. It looks absolutely great!


Gorgeous Classics

Molding is one of the most popular decorative techniques, and bathrooms are no exception. Cornices, crown moldings, trims and ceiling medallions are a nice way to create a beautiful ceiling composition.



Wood is natural, ever popular and always up-to-date, so if your interior style is country or rustic, wooden beams are a nice decorative tool for making the atmosphere even more authentic. Still, in modern-style bathroom ceiling beams may also look to the point:

3-2-bathroom-interior-design-modern-style-round-bathtub-ceiling-beams-big-windows-marble-wall-tiles 3-bathroom-interior-design-brick-wall-tiles-loft-style-modern-ceiling-beams

Faux Wood

However, high price level and capricious nature of wood in humid conditions makes us seek some good alternatives. Fortunately, building material stores can offer practical plastic panels with a pretty convincing imitation of wood grain.



Most of us are used to having monochrome light ceilings. But why not play around with the standard boring surface and dress it up with lattice, ornaments or some classical patterns?

5-1-bathroom-interior-design-lattice-pattern-on-ceiling-how-to-paint-ceiling-stencil_cr 5-bathroom-interior-design-provence-style-light-pink-walls-floral-shower-curtain-painted-ceiling

Eye-Catchy Contrast

As a rule, we don’t hesitate to paint our ceiling white, while the effect of contrasting ceiling color is beyond comments.


Lighting Fixtures

One more way to create a stylish bathroom without much effort and money spending is to light it by an unconventional lamp.


Illusion of Height

Ideally mirror ceiling is irreplaceable when increased visual ceiling height and luxury feel is what you need. But mirror ceiling panels are the choice of those people who are sure that they have time and patience to clean it from steam and other contamination signs. Failing this, there is no use to install glass ceiling – you won’t even see the reflection of your ceiling lamp in it.

8-2-bathroom-interior-design-mirror-ceiling 8-bathroom-interior-design-mirror-ceiling-modern-minimalist-style

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