Cheerful Yellow-and-Blue Attic Bedroom with 3D Effect

January 3, 2017
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Have you ever fallen asleep on the dance floor? And the owners of our today’s interior do this every night. The thing is that their new bedroom on the attic floor of the summer house has recently been a dance room where they used to have fun with the friends to the rhythms of disco music.

So the designer’s task was pretty clear – to create a cheerful bedroom. It’s not a simple deal for a decorator, but amusing indeed. But how to strike a balance between bright emotions and comfort? Let’s find this out!


The author of the project was born on the shore of a great Baikal Lake in Siberia, and the landscapes she enjoyed in the childhood became her inexhaustible source of inspiration of the lifetime. The deep blue color of water was chosen as the predominant one. And when it came to contrasts, sights were set upon cheerful shades of yellow and ivory white, and warm hues of light blue and brown.

1-beautiful-picturesque-scenery-landscape-baikal-lake-mountains-Siberia 2-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-arm-chairs-skylight

In the first turn replaced were all the windows. Skylights are held to be letting in by 40% more light than common, vertical ones. The windows are ecological, made of wood, with heat-saving double glazing filled with argon. Besides, the external glass is tempered, and the internal one is triplex, which ensures that glass splinters won’t be sent throughout the room if the window breaks.

3-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-3D-walls-artificial-stone-fireplace-surround-skylight 4-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-3D-walls-artificial-stone-fireplace-surround-skylight

Waterproof laminated wood chipboards were actively used in the project. In particular, they were utilized to build a partition separating a walk-in closet. The wall was finished with decorative plaster and coated with deep blue paint, which creates a wonderful feel of nature and 3D effect.


The fireplace surround is arranged out of artificial shale stone, which is pretty similar to the original one both by color and texture, although its ingredients are cement, sand, porous fillers and pigments. And to ensure easy cleaning, the surface is coated with washable white paint.


Unusual textured effect is produced by wooden 3D-panels on the walls. Shaped embossing adds visual volume and depth to the surface, which is enhanced even more by a delicate ivory shade of the paint.

7-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-3D-walls-artificial-stone-fireplace-surround-skylight 8-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-3D-walls 9-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-3D-walls

One more eye-catchy 3D element is wooden ceiling beams dressed up with rubber crosspieces, which look just like forged. And finally, volume is added by Swedish wallpaper with geometrical pattern that is partially applied to the ceiling.

10-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-3D-walls-artificial-stone-fireplace-surround 11-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-geometrical-wallpaper 12-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams

Like many other above-mentioned objects in the room, custom-made bedside tables play around with the 3D theme. Push-to-open mechanisms made it possible to decorate the faces in a very fanciful way.


An ivory door also have subtle textured surface, which makes them perfectly fit into the general interior concept.


The walk-in closet is designed in a unifying color scheme of the main room and was custom-made from laminated wood chipboards.

15-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-walk-in-closet-interior-design-skylight 16-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-walk-in-closet-interior-design-3D-wall

Contrasts of the walk-in closet are matched by bedroom textile. The entrance is dressed up with dense dark blue curtains, while the windows are decorated with light tulle. And some festive spirit is added by bright yellow blinds with floral pattern. It was created by the interior designer and transferred to the fabric using a dye-sublimation printer. This ensures that curtains won’t fade in the sun or after wash.

17-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-3D-walls-skylight-curtains 18-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-curtains-blinds 19-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-curtains-blinds-3D-wall

But the centerpiece of the interior is a designer mirror hand-made out of a very peculiar combination of materials: a polyurethane ceiling medallion and plain wood chips. The decorator just had the medallion painted in the color of the wall and started to apply wood chips before the paint dried up. Laying them close to each other she got an effect of sun rays and a distinctive interior element.


An exotic item of bedroom décor is an Indian mat made of thin pieces of leather. It’s coupled by a neutral wooden mini-coffee table.

21-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-artificial-stone-fireplace-surround-leather-mat-arm-chairs 22-cheerful-blue-yellow-white-attic-bedroom-interior-design-ceiling-beams-artificial-stone-fireplace-surround-leather-mat-arm-chairs-small-coffee-table-3D-walls-skylight

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