Decorative Plates in Wall Décor: 15 Inspiring Ideas

January 9, 2017
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Probably, you have heard that it was back in ancient times when the Greeks first started to use plates for not just dining, but also for decorative purposes. But the idea to make them a part of wall décor was generated many years later – just in the 19th century, when the tradition of collecting china sets achieved the maximum. Nowadays plates are widely used in different interior styles – from traditional and classical to brutal loft and romantic Provence. Today we’d like to offer you an inspiring collection of plate wall décor ideas for creating a stylish and one-of-a-kind interior.

It’s worth mentioning that there’s absolutely no use to purchase special decorative plates – you may surely use the available plates from your household:


Thematic plate wall décor always looks stylish, especially when the color scheme is always fashionable, like black and white, and the composition is comprised of many pieces:

2-decorative-plate-hanging-on-wall-decor-ideas-black-and-white-human-faces 2-2-black-and-white-decorative-plate-hanging-on-wall-decor-ideas-living-room-between-windows-human-faces

Sometimes it’s not advisable to arrange the plates too close to each other or pursue symmetry, especially when it comes to pieces of different diameter:


When the color scheme of the composition includes just a couple of hues, they’ll become a beautiful color accent of the interior:


Why not create a true art object on the wall? What if you arrange your typical table setting vertically? Small saucers can be stuck on bigger ones, and a few napkins will add a finishing touch to such an original wall décor:


With the help of decorative plates practically any geometrical shape can be created. But in classical interiors symmetry of elements is what is always appreciated:


Plates can just fill the empty wall spaces or serve as a peculiar outline of other interior elements:

7-asymmetrical-decorative-plate-hanging-on-wall-decor-ideas-chest-of-drawers 7-2-asymmetrical-decorative-plate-hanging-on-wall-decor-ideas-dining-room-wooden-dining-furniture-

Also plate wall décor is irreplaceable when you need something to match your favorite upholstery textile of curtains fabric:


Plates can be easily combined with photo frames and other elements of wall décor:


Backlighting of decorative plates is a stylish and original designer trick that enhances the 3D feel even more:


A non-standard idea is to create an image out of plates, as if you’re assembling pieces of a puzzle:

11-2-black-and-white-decorative-plate-hanging-on-wall-decor-ideas-composition 11-original-decorative-plate-hanging-on-wall-decor-ideas

If you succeed in finding some shared stylish feature or color tint in completely different elements, your wall décor will definitely be a true centerpiece:


Don’t think that plates are necessarily round and plain – just have a look at this wonderful naturalistic collection:


Framed plate wall décor? Why not!


Decorative plates are so homey that can look elegant even on a brutal concrete wall:


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