“Glacier” Stool: 3D-Printed, Designer, Biodegradable

January 10, 2017
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 “3D-printing is a chance to produce full-scale furniture models of high quality. By that we are not limited by any geometrical restrictions. This is pure creativity”.

Daniel Büning, a designer and co-founder of NOWlab Studio


NOWlab is an architecture and interior design studio located in Berlin, Germany. In their job the founders of the company seek to combine hi-tech and natural motives. And one of the latest design pieces of the studio is a “Glacier” stool/ table with a very distinctive three-dimensional shape and history of creation.

Its design idea was inspired by the peculiar structure of ice of a famous Mendenhall glacier located in Alaska. This place is getting more and more popular among designers, photographers and architects of the world – anyone who seeks unique cold colors for their jobs. Why? Because the internal structure of the glacier is just gorgeous: being inside it you can watch all the stages of water freezing. Somewhere it seems like the water froze in a second, having created true ice clouds. This spectacle is so magical, that makes a truly indelible impression on everyone working with real objects, like buildings, furniture and art pieces.


Inspired by this natural wonder, the designer team of NOWlab got down to creating a unique stool, which was destined to be named respectively – “Glacier”. But repeating such a complex structure out of some solid material and using traditional tools was extremely expensive and too complicated. That’s when the designers decided to opt for 3D printing.


As a rule, such furniture is designed as a modular piece that can be assembled from a number of parts. But the guys were not looking for easy ways – they wanted their stool to be completely monolithic. That’s why they purchased a 3D-printer with one of the largest print areas in the world – with a volume of over one cubic meter.

To make the stool even more naturalistic, chosen was the relevant material – 100% biodegradable plastic.  Its semi-transparency makes the product very realistic, like a real piece cut out off solid ice. Despite the light weight of the stool, its internal structure ensures its high durability.

2-3D-printed-designer-furniture-glacier-stool-nowlab-studio-berlin 4-3D-printed-designer-furniture-glacier-stool-nowlab-studio-berlin

How often the greatest human ideas are inspired by the surrounding nature – the most beautiful and flawless creator.

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