Two-Level Apartment Transformed into a Chalet

January 11, 2017
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“Chalet” concept is quite well-known and most people have a clear idea of how chalet-style interiors look like. Historically this Swiss word was used to indicate small cabins built among outdoor wilderness for rest of shepherds and wayfarers. Of course, their interiors were minimalist, extremely simple and natural – just stone and wood that could be found in the surrounding areas. You might think that repeating such an interior style can be possible only in big summer houses or Alpine cottages, but contemporary interior designers have already learned to create chalet style in big city apartments. One of them will be briefly described below.


Initially it was a two-level apartment with an area of 120 sq. m. The designers had to re-make it completely to meet all the wants and needs of the masters. In the first turn the second floor was wade open to below – for this purpose a part of flooring and ceiling beams had to be disassembled. As a result the space got some visual lightness and feel of expansion, and the masters got a few roomy open-plan zones for family time-spending and receiving guests. Not to overload the space with massive elements, the decorators arranged a light wooden console staircase protected by a glass wall.


Besides roomy public zones, the apartment features plenty of semi-dark private nooks and a few bedrooms – for masters, their kids and guests. The predominant color scheme of all the rooms is a combination of natural hues, mostly versatile darker and lighter brownish shades that are so typical of chalet interiors.

2-total-wooden-chalet-style-apartment-dining-room-interior-design 3-total-wooden-chalet-style-apartment-lounge-living-room-interior-design

Of course, the selected style dictates the use of much wood with preserved natural grain: here most of the surfaces, including floor, walls, ceiling and furnishing are made of this material. But considering that this is a city apartment and people don’t just come here for 2 weeks to have happy Alpine winter holidays, but live all the year round, the decorators had to add here some modern specks.

For example, in the kitchen massive warm wood is coupled with a controversial material – concrete. In the lounge and dining zones you can find some modern, though quite minimalist, upholstered furniture. Thanks to its natural color scheme, it doesn’t look out of style in the wooden surrounding. While in the rest of the room, the furnishing is typically chalet-style: simple, wooden and plain-shaped.

4-total-wooden-chalet-style-apartment-kitchen-interior-design-concrete-table-top 5-total-wooden-chalet-style-apartment-lounge-living-room-interior-design-purple-sofa 6-total-wooden-chalet-style-apartment-bedroom-interior-design-built-in-wooden-closet-wardrobe 7-total-wooden-chalet-style-apartment-interior-design-loft-bed

And finally, some modern mood is added by carefully selected home textile. The key accent in it is made on patterns: bright decorative pillows and furniture upholstery make the atmosphere more festive and cozy. And their brightness is still naturalistic – all the colors are brought from wildlife and do not interfere with the general simple background. They are rather roughly beautiful, than elegant, just as chalet style demands. And the finishing touch is a few shaggy rugs that remind us of the initial function of chalet cabins.

8-total-wooden-chalet-style-apartment-bedroom-interior-design 9-total-wooden-chalet-style-apartment-bedroom-interior-design-stripy-bedspread-bedside-table-lamp 10-total-wooden-chalet-style-apartment-bedroom-interior-design-built-in-cabinets-storage-in-headboard-area-zone

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