Apartment Interior Inspired by a Journey to Belgium

January 12, 2017
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Probably, every family at least once faces a challenge – how to make a decent renovation of the house if the budget is pretty limited. And of course, the interior must be practical, functional and beautiful. The owners of a typical two-room apartment (75 sq. m.) decided to entrust professional designers with such a task. And they are happy with the result – they got a new contemporary European-style dwelling filled with the atmosphere of refined simplicity.



The designer team didn’t have much time for thinking. But being true professionals of their job, they found where to draw inspiration from very quickly. They decided to dedicate this project to their impressions of the recent journey to Belgium and the Netherlands. Interiors of these countries represent a lovely blend of simplicity and incredible coziness. The designers wanted the masters to feel the most beloved things about Northern Europe: cool sea, chilling winds, sunlight peeking through the clouds and cozy little homes that seem to be standing here from the times of Vermeer…


If someone asked the designers about the key to success of this project, they would definitely mention a good layout in the first turn. The authors of the project managed to create a very clear plan of the apartment. The private zone is located in the remote part of the flat, and separated from the public area by a kitchen and a compact dining room. Here one can get from two entrances. This way the apartment can be walked around, creating a circular enfilade and diversifying the number of daily life scenarios.



Thanks to relatively big windows and light color scheme, sunlight can sneak even in the deepest nooks of the flat. To get into a small walk-in closet, the designers had a small interior window installed in the corridor wall. The kitchen has a plain parallel layout, that’s deemed one of the most convenient for cooking.


A principle of color contrasts is actively used in the interior. Especially apparent it is in the kitchen design. White cabinet front doors are very elegantly emphasized by an anthracite worktop, black fixtures and metal accessories. Floor tiles also combine two colors – they are both grayish, but one is very light, and the other is graphite, closer to black.


Combination of light blue and dark brown enhance the feel of naturalistic balance.


Tall door apertures in the living room are meant to emphasize the parlor mood of the major public room.

4-light-blue-and-beige-elongated-living-room-interior-design-piano-recess-drapery 5-light-blue-hallway-corridot-entance-big-mirror-drapery-door-apertures

In the guest bathroom dark background is expressively accented by a mirror, a light wood rack and show-white sanitary porcelain. By painting the walls and ceiling the color of wet asphalt, the decorators managed to expand the tiny room visually.

6-dark-gray-graphite-brown-small-bathroom-interior-design-victorian-baseboard-light-wood-mirror-frame 7-dark-gray-graphite-brown-small-bathroom-interior-design-victorian-baseboard-light-wood-mirror-frame-carved-engraved-coat-rack

Built-in closets in the bedroom are made of common edge-glued panels. Though being quite decent-sized, they do not overload the room as customary wardrobes would, if installed beside the bed.


A small IKEA dressing table is arranged in front of another huge recessed ceiling-to-floor mirror. Thanks to the game of reflections, there is an illusion of deeper perspective.


In the master bathroom, the countertop is custom-made. The bathtub is installed into a recess, resembling an alcove. This effect is enhanced by an elegant draped curtain and a hand-forged tie back.

10-wooden-bathroom-countertop-interior-design-without-wash-basin-cabinet 11-draped-beige-shower-curtain-forged-tie-back-bathtub-in-alcove-bedroom-exit

Color palette

Most of the rooms, including the bedroom, work room, dining room and kitchen, are designed in the same color scheme. This helped to make a small apartment look like an integral space. Grayish blue hues create a wonderful soothing atmosphere, changing their color from sky blue to dove gray during the day.

As an accenting color chosen was noble Burgundian red: a plaid in the bedroom, couch pillows and drapery in the lounge, decorative pillows in the dining zone – all of these small details add the sense of depth and expression to semi-transparent achromatic background.

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