Bachelor’s Apartment with Masculine British Temper

January 16, 2017
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Stylish and modern interior design of this two-room apartment with “masculine” temper is the reflection of habits and lifestyle of its young single owner. The architects insisted on total re-planning of this newly-built dwelling to get a customized and absolutely individual interior.


The owner’s wish was a 5-in-1 open-plan space including a kitchen, a dining room, a lounge, a work room and an entry zone, as well as an isolated bedroom with a walk-in closet and a bathroom. “Masculine” spirit of the interior is composed out of loft style elements, ultimate functionality, a la grange details and predominant gray color palette. All of this was inspired by the master’s passion for travelling and his special interest for British symbology in particular.

The initial layout of the flat was pretty inconvenient. Fortunately, there was just one load-bearing column and the layout could be safely modified. The column now marks the border of the lounge zone, and one more newly-built faux column visually separates the work area.


Two shades of gray dominating in the interior serve two important purposes. On the one hand, they designate the English character of the interior, and on the other hand expand the space visually, which is especially welcomed in small apartments.


A diagonal border between laminate flooring and ceramic tiles leads to a large recessed glass wall that reminds of a big window. Side walls of the recess take you to the bathroom and master bedroom.


Work space is located by the window, closer to the natural light. Its design is quite plain and laconic, yet quite comfortable. The computer desk is mounted in a recess and coupled with a lamp, two shelves for storing books and folders, and an ergonomical arm-chair.


Kitchen cabinet surface reminds of trendy whitewashed wood. Here mixed are two mismatched types of handles: modern flush pull ones and retro-style. Both a refrigerator and a freezer are built-in.


A good interior design always features some unifying details. Thus, a work room recess, a load-bearing column and a kitchen backsplash are faced with the same brutal tiles. The lounge zone’s centerpiece is a comfy sofa made of super-soft aged leather.


The bedroom interior is somewhat softened by blue home textile. Considering the small size of the room, the designers selected gray curtains matching the color of the walls. One of the walls is decorated with an artwork painted on the metal. The master may as well use it as a notice board.


The entry zone is open-plan and blends well with the color scheme and general style concept of the interior. To make the borders between walls and wooden flooring more expressive the authors didn’t apply to traditional baseboards. Instead, they left here small recesses and markedly painted them black.


The walls and floor in the bathroom are faced with ceramic granite. Slight patina coating creates an illusion of rusty metal.


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