Big Laconic and Minimalist Scandinavian-Style House

January 19, 2017
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Willing to change their urban lifestyle once and forever, a family of three decided to buy a house in the suburbs. Thereby financial aspect was not the most vital. What was far more important for the family was the architecture and attractive layout.  They didn’t necessarily strive for buying a ready house, being equally ready for building from scratch. Fortunately, they finally found a newly-built house that fit for all parameters.



So, let’s begin from the layout. The first floor is divided into two unequal zones. The first, the so-called public one, is located in the part with maximum sunlight. It includes an open-space living room, kitchen and dining area. The other part features a number of isolated supplementary rooms: an entry, a hallway, a guest room with a bathroom, and a pantry. The second floor is private and comprises a master bedroom, a toddler room, a bathroom and a walk-in closet. Besides, thanks to the open-to-below plan of the second floor, upstairs you can find a multifunctional space, which serves as a home office, a reading nook and an extra sleeping place for guests.


Style and Color Scheme

When it came to the interior design, the decorator set her choice upon Scandinavian concept with elements of eco-style. According to her, such a choice was inspired by laconic architecture and peculiar layout of the building. As expected in Scandinavian interiors, the color scheme is based upon white color and diluted with natural hues of wood, versatile shades of gray and brown, black and ochre.


All the windows in the house, including a panoramic one, are plastic and triple-glazed. The interiors of windows are covered with special heat rejection films. Following Scandinavian traditions, the house has minimum curtains.



To fit the staircase into a tight zone allocated for it, it was custom-made with winding quarters. Upstairs you get to one of the most beautiful observation platforms in the house. In spring the landscape will be fully designed and the view promises to be even more eye-pleasing.

3-white-beige-and-gray-minimalist-Scandinavian-style-house-interior-design-staircase-with-winding-quarters-wind-steps 4-white-beige-and-gray-minimalist-Scandinavian-style-house-interior-design-open-to-below-second-floor-panoramic-window-winter-view-aisel

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is pretty minimalist. To soften the effect of sloped ceiling, the headboard is backlit by an LED band. One more interesting designer trick is the wall glued over with parquet boards that are laid on the floor as well. And the storage zone is organized inside the lift-up bed.


Lounge and Dining Room

The only zone featuring pendant lamps is the dining room. And it is the only room that features blinds. The lounge is lit by built-in lighting fixtures and a large rotating standard lamp. Visually this area is separated from the cooking and dining zones by a huge comfy corner sofa. The finishing touch is a multicolor rug and two eco-style stumps playing the role of coffee tables.

6-white-beige-and-gray-minimalist-Scandinavian-style-house-interior-design-dining-room-panoramic-windows-open-plan-kitchen-living-room-open-to-below-second-floor 8-white-beige-and-gray-minimalist-Scandinavian-style-house-interior-design-open-plan-living-room-big-corner-sofa-rotating-floor-lamp-curtains-carpet-rug-kitchen-dining 7-white-beige-and-gray-minimalist-Scandinavian-style-house-interior-design-open-plan-living-room-big-corner-sofa-rotating-floor-lamp-curtains-carpet-rug-tree-stumps-eco


Though Scandinavian-style interiors are characterized by tiny bathrooms, here this room is pretty spacious. But its interior is quite laconic – walls and floors are finished with grayish-beige ceramic granite, the bathtub is very small and fit just for sitting, but the shower cabin is ergonomical and big enough.


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