Marvelous Chalet with Scarlet Accents in Meribel, France

January 19, 2017
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The interior of this marvelous chalet in the French Alps certainly cannot be called boring. The thing is that the designer team decided to diversify traditionally neutral chalet-style interior with some bright accents. And the house did not lose its relaxing spirit and recreational atmosphere. Quite the contrary!


Plenty of stone and coarse-grained wood, massive ceiling beams and eco-style furnishing – all the typical features of chalet style are present here. There is also enough sunlight, which comes through big windows and gets diffused by white walls.

1-chalet-style-interior-design-stone-wood-entrance-door-porch 2-chalet-style-interior-design-stone-wood-glass-staircase 3-chalet-style-interior-design-stone-wood-ski-sledge-storage-room 4-chalet-style-interior-design-stone-wood-changing-room-entry

However, the designers wanted their clients to have something more than just a portion of rest and pacification. Let’s say, they wanted people to re-charge their batteries before coming back to hectic urban life.

The public part of the chalet is traditionally characterized by spaciousness and open-plan concept. This zone is brightened up with festive scarlet color represented in small details, such as decorative pillows, table napkins and the centerpiece of the kitchen – a saturated crimson stove.


Scarlet and red splashes are also present in two bedrooms, a lounge zone and a movie room in the attic. But they are so unobtrusively and carefully added, that don’t seem tiring or exciting at all. They just slightly boost spirits of the visitors.

6-chalet-style-interior-design-wood-bedroom-red-accents-headboard-wooden-closet 7-chalet-style-interior-design-stone-wood-red-accents-wall-movie-room-lounge-attic-floor-sloped-ceiling

The other bedroom and a bathroom are accented with turquoise details. This is the option for those who seek relaxation and dreamy mood. Besides, this bluish hue perfectly complements the white background and the color of natural wood.

8-chalet-style-interior-design-stone-wood-white-and-turquoise-accents-headboard-unusual-hand-made-shelf-wooden-closet 9-chalet-style-interior-design-stone-wood-bathroom-blue-mosaic-tiles

Kids can definitely get bored in traditional monochrome total-wood chalet interiors. Hence their bedroom is dressed up with bright yellow and turquoise accents.


As a result, the designers managed to meet the needs and wants of every member of the family.

11-chalet-style-interior-design-stone-wood-attic-floor-bedroom-skylights-sloped-ceiling-neutral-decor 12-chalet-style-interior-design-wood-bathroom-minimalist-glass-mirror-step-ladder-towel-storage

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