How to Prepare a House for Sale – 5 Tips (Part 1)

January 20, 2017
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Real estate market is not so full of life nowadays. But this is not the reason to give in. Sometimes to unlock the stalemate on a house sale issue, we just need to make use of golden interior design rules, that would help emphasize the strengths and whitewash the weaknesses of our housing.


It goes without saying that neither designer trick can conceal obvious and serious problems of the house, especially if the price you set is far from the market realities. But anyway, preparation of the house for sale is a vital point. Try to look at your house from the point of view of a complete stranger and start from the basics, step by step.

1. Exterior: Make It Tidy and Neat

So, the first step is to produce the first impression. Before coming into your house, a potential buyer would surely pay attention to the exterior.

Hence, make sure that your garden path is neat. And if you still don’t have one, try to find time for making it. Then make sure that your gate looks welcoming. And if the exteriors of windows and walls need re-painting, do it.


On the next step put away out of sight all the unnecessary things: tools must be kept in the garage, toys – in the kid’s room, firewood – in the firewood rack. And even a few blooming shrubs might be irreplaceable in producing the first impression – it’s a homey and eye-pleasing detail, even if you had them planted an hour before the customer arrived.


And one more important thing relating to the exterior. By means of small details outside the house you can underline the advantages of local lifestyle offered by the neighborhood. Is your district silent and peaceful? Then put a hammock in the garden, even if you would never use it by yourself. Is there a picturesque lake in the neighborhood? Put out a few fishing rods in the open.


2. Interior: Let’s Refresh and Repair

We surely realize that major repairs are not the part of your plan. But when it comes to selling the house, it’s high time to think about details that might deter potential buyers. For example, a squeaky floor can be silenced by means of some construction adhesive, inserting shims into gaps or even putting a carpet. A leaky faucet must be necessarily repaired, because it’s one of the first things checked by evaluators.


Pay special attention to the kitchen. Real-estate agents say it’s the most important place in the house, which usually influences the final decision of the buyer. To add some value, replace old cabinet front doors.


And mere cleaning is a must-have of a house seller: even if the surfaces are not quite new, they must be shining.


And remember that new stuff always improves initial impression, even if it’s a small detail, like new blinds, door handles or a couple of throw pillows.


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