Kitchen Innovations for January 2017

January 20, 2017
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In today’s review we’ll show you a few innovative kitchen appliances that were introduced by world famous brands in January 2017. Let’s find out what’s new expecting us in the coming season.


True Steam Dishwasher

This novelty was introduced during the IFA-2016 Exhibition among other technologies presented by LG Company. In this very model first used was the True Steam technology. What is distinctive about it is that it primarily soaks dishes in the cloud of hot steam, which completely dissolves burnt-in food and guarantees high quality of its operation. And sprayers direct water jets with the required pressure to ensure the kitchenware is washed more thoroughly.


Wireless Technologies & Rococo Style

Innovative kitchen concept worked out by Electrolux Company offers to synchronize a cooker hood and an induction hob via wireless technology. It’s all about an infrared port, which connects these two kitchen elements together. A hood automatically turns on as soon as you start cooking on your hob. On an equal footing with engineers of Electrolux the designer team did a great job. They decided to shape the innovative technology into… Rococo style. The result appeared to be a very light and sophisticated design.


Pull-out Kitchen Faucets with Rinsing Sprays

Gradually technologies making our lives easier in the bathrooms move on to our kitchens. Thus, Grohe Company has introduced its new collection of dual-spray pull-out faucets. Here innovations are intended to meet our functional needs – this faucet features two sprays: a wide delicate spray for rinsing fruit, herbs and vegetables, and a regular spray for washing dishes and filling pots. You may switch between the two types of sprays by using a rocker switch or simply turning off the faucet, depending on the model. By using such type of kitchen faucets, we significantly increase our work area, as the pull-out mechanism offers a reach of up to 50 cm.


Cooker Hoods and Retro Appliances in Style of 1950s

Smeg Company continues to work towards combining modern technologies and fascinating designs of the past century. Glossy, shiny and colorful – these products were hardly available in the 1950s that inspired their creation. But now they can complement a room of any possible interior style. New retro cooker hoods ideally fit into cooking areas, and marvelous mixers, juice extractors, blenders and toasters bring diversity and change customary images of modern kitchens.

4-SMEG-red-retro-cooker-hood-in-kitchen-interior-design 5-SMEG-retro-style-kitchen-appliances-red-juice-extractor-blender 6-SMEG-retro-kitchen-appliances-light-blue-mint-mixer-toaster

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