Home Aromatherapy Accessories – Part 2

January 23, 2017
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Very often our feel of home and comfort is associated with some definite smells. On opening the door, we want to feel some pleasing aroma that can be relaxing, invigorating, soothing or tempting. As soon as we found out how scented candles, fragrance diffusers and sachets work, let’s continue our review of modern home aroma accessories.


4. Candle-Driven Aroma Lamps

This is the most popular and widespread type of aroma lamps. There are many models available – glass, porcelain, ceramic and even stone ones, but they all operate the same way. A water reservoir in the top part of the lamp is heated by a small candle underneath to vaporize the mixture of water and essential oils. With this tool you must be pretty careful and keep it away from children and pets – like any open flame, it can be dangerous and used under supervision.


5. Electrical Aroma Lamps

Such models are less popular, than candle driven, but far more technological. They are available in two versions: water and ultrasonic.

Water lamps are similar to non-electric candle driven lamps. The only difference is the heat source – instead of a candle used is a bulb, USB-connection or batteries.

In waterless electrical lamps essential oils evaporate with ultrasound. Thereby far more healing properties of oils are disclosed. The only disadvantage is the cleaning issue – ultrasonic lamps are not as hygienic as other aromatherapy devices and require immediate wiping with alcohol after each use.


6. Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger is a home aromatherapy accessory that was patented 120 years ago. In fact, initially it wasn’t meant for aromatherapy. It was invented to purify and disinfect air in hospitals by means of catalytic process. The first model was made by a pharmacist’s assistant Maurice Berger and represented a glass reservoir filled with alcohol solution and equipped with a burner. The device was innovative for its time and gradually grew into a home aroma tool – by means of adding a few drops of essential oils into the alcohol. Now it not only purifies, but also perfumes the air. Coco Chanel and Pablo Picasso were among the fans of catalytic lamps. Nowadays the lamps are still produced and their designs are worked out by the world’s greatest designers.

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