Detached Garage: 8 Building Tips

January 31, 2017
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There are three main types of garage designs: with living quarters, which we already discussed in the previous article, attached, when a car is parked in an attachment to the house side, and detached. Today we’ll discuss the latter type, which is, by the way, the most popular among the three. In this article we’ll try to give you most comprehensive information about how such a garage must be built.


1. Approximate dimensions of one parking place are 4 x 6 meters, hence such a garage type should be constructed on a territory, which is bigger than average. Besides, this very type of garage is more convenient for making several parking places as compared to other types.

2. When choosing the right location for a detached garage, consider the most important factor – the convenience of entering the ramp from the gate. An access road must be as straight and short as possible, to economize on asphalting and save the useful space of your outdoor territory.

3.  To facilitate easier construction of water, electricity and heating supplies and with personal comfort in mind, it’s recommendable to build a detached garage 5-10 meters away from the house.


4. Pay special attention to terrain – neither car likes humid conditions and locating your garage in lowlands is not a good choice.

5. Of course, a detached garage needs an individual footing, preferably a strip one. As soon as the foundation is laid, it’s advisable to cover it with a layer of rooting felt to ensure proper waterproofing.

6. As for the walls, the best materials for a detached garage are bricks, cinder blocks, foamed concrete, and gas silicate blocks. Ideally, the material and exterior finish should match the house exterior design.


7. When it comes to choosing the flooring, it’s worth considering concrete on a layer of crushed stone. Atop of the concrete you may lay special rubber or PVC profiles. Outside don’t forget to build a drainage trench around the garage to waterproof your foundation. Its width must be no less than 50 cm.

8. Setting your choice upon an attached garage design, you limit your choice of the roofing material, because it must be the same as the house roof – tiles, slate or onduline sheets. As for detached garages, you get a chance to save some money and opt for a more affordable material, for example, profiled sheeting. Just remember to make a slope to avoid accumulation of water on the roof.


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