4 Incredible Designer Tables by Duffy London

February 2, 2017
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Swinging dining chairs, a table with an ocean abyss inside, a piece of thick glass held by balloons … Do you think these are elements of a science-fiction story? Not at all! These are designer pieces of furniture created by a famous English company Duffy London.


Duffy London is, probably, one of the most creative and innovative designer teams of our time, each new design of which is a true masterpiece. Every piece of their furniture represents an original mixture of purely ecological materials, manual labor and most creative ideas. Today we’d like to show you four incredible table designs created by Duffy London and tell you the stories of their creation.

1. Swing Table

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing».

George Bernard Shaw

You must have guessed that this phrase was the key source of inspiration for the designer team, when they decided to go back to their childhood and create this massive dining table with a number of swinging chairs around. A ten-person model costs about 10,000 dollars, but witnesses claim that this fantastic design is worth this money.

1-2-exclusive-creative-designer-table-by-Duffy-London-Swing-Table-with-swinging-chairs-on-chains-oak-wood-top 1-5-exclusive-creative-designer-table-by-Duffy-London-Swing-Table-with-swinging-chairs-on-chains-oak-wood-top

Swing Table is multipurpose: it’s equally perfect for offices – for relaxed atmosphere and productive brainstorms, and for home interiors – for cozy family dinners and suppers.


2. Abyss Table

“And when you glaze long into an abyss, the abyss also glazes into you”.

Friedrich Nietzsche

It took more than a year of tedious work to create a design of the magical Abyss table, but in the end born was a true piece of art, which replicates a three-dimensional model of the ocean bottom. Thanks to multiple layers of wood and glass, the designers created a hypnotic abyss of fascinating deep indigo color.


The price of the table with an ocean inside was 10,000 dollars. We speak in the past tense, because the studio was ready to repeat this model only 25 times, and by today the edition is already closed.


3. Up Balloon Table

When it comes to Up Balloon table design, there is no famous quote, which inspired its creation. This time Duffy London drew inspiration from… a Disney cartoon “Up”. This motion picture gave them an idea to create a visual illusion of a glass table top held by a few glossy balloons floating in the air. Making such a piece of art takes extremely precise calculations and plenty of time, that’s why the production is limited again to 25 editions.

3-1-exclusive-creative-designer-table-by-Duffy-London-Up-Balloon-Table-glass-and-steel 3-2-exclusive-creative-designer-table-by-Duffy-London-Up-Balloon-Table-glass-and-steel 3-3-exclusive-creative-designer-table-by-Duffy-London-Up-Balloon-Table-glass-and-steel 3-4-exclusive-creative-designer-table-by-Duffy-London-Up-Balloon-Table-glass-and-steel

4. Megalith Table

On seeing a “falling” Megalith table, you instantly want to run to it and stop the seemingly fragile construction from crushing. Actually, the table is very durable and steady, made from safety glass, powder-coated mild steel and polished stainless steel. This very model was inspired by «2001: A Space Odyssey” movie by Stanley Kubrick. That’s why the table resembles a space object balancing on frozen monolithic blocks.

4-2-exclusive-creative-designer-table-by-Duffy-London-Megalith-Table-glass-top-and-steel-framework 4-3-exclusive-creative-designer-table-by-Duffy-London-Megalith-Table-glass-top-and-steel-framework 4-4-exclusive-creative-designer-table-by-Duffy-London-Megalith-Table-glass-top-and-steel-framework

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