40 Ideas of Home Décor for Valentine’s Day

February 2, 2017
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Actually creating romantic holiday mood is not that difficult. Here you will need most trivial assistants – candles, flower petals, paper and felt garlands, decorative hearts and pillows, and photo frames. And the easiest way to decorate the interior is valentines – the most understandable and traditional attributes of this holiday. All these things seem to be trivia, but they are so lovely. And most commonly it is small and kind surprises that create our nicest mood. Now we would like to offer you a selection of wonderful inspiring ideas of home decoration for Valentine’s Day or any romantic evening you want to have without a reason.


Start your morning from a cozy cup of tea. Let thematic tea bag labels be a starting point for setting the right mood. It would be great if you decorate the table with paper hearts – this is fast and simple, but so romantic. And more original décor can be arranged for a romantic candlelight dinner.


Decorative compositions made from common tree branches look very beautiful in the interior. You can optionally decorate them with valentines featuring the warmest wishes and most important words.


There’s no use to arrange a festive composition in a flower vase – choose something non-standard, like a ceramic jug or a metal milk barrel.


Also you can decorate common glass bottles and jars.


And if you set your choice upon a potted plant, why not dress it up a little bit? Or maybe you need something more original?


Today faux and real fireplaces are centerpieces of many homes. And they give a good room for imagination as well. Decorate them with thematic stuff or your sweetheart’s photos.


Or make a decorative heart composition from paper.


Stick a few valentines to the fireplace or create romantic mood using plain paper garlands.


Speaking of garlands, they can be made from a morning newspaper or colored paper…


…or from felt or any other fabric.


Besides garlands, valentines are a universal piece of décor for the 14th of February. Surprise your soulmate by hanging it in some unexpected place – on a chandelier or right on the wall.


Don’t get upset if you can’t find colored paper or felt at hand at a crucial moment. You can build a valentine from simple sticky notes and it will look absolutely gorgeous.


How about having a valentine pillow? If you add some hand-made décor to it, your sweetheart will be surely pleased.


Use red bands and colored textile hearts to dress up your creation.


And don’t forget about the most important words – they are irreplaceable in creating a holiday feel.


This is especially relevant to candlestick décor and large 3D letters.


Romantic spirit is composed of trivial small things. Sweet hearts are a win-win option on Valentine’s Day.


But remember that the best present you can give is true love…

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