Eclectic Apartment: Shabby Chic & Ethnic & Provence

February 3, 2017
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Sometimes people are attracted by different interior styles. Unwilling to pick up just one, they tend to mix them in their interior designs. Let’s see what came out of the mixture of shabby chic, ethnical motives, French Provence style and Scandinavian background!


The owner of this apartment intentionally refused to use wallpaper – the walls are finished with bleached wooden boards, artificial bricks, and mosaic tiles or just painted.

1-1-eclectic-provence-style-interior-design-faux-brick-wall-white-fireplace-open-concept-kitchen-brwon-mosaic-tiles-backsplash 1-2-eclectic-provence-style-interior-design-living-dining-room-table-set-white-and-pink-floral-curtains-crossbars-on-furniture 1-4-eclectic-provence-style-interior-design-entry-room

Still, wallpaper was used – on the ceiling – in the kitchen it’s coated with wenge paint as a contrast to white beams and flooring.

2-2-eclectic-provence-style-interior-design-white-kitchen-set-black-ceiling-wallpaper-faux-brick-wall 2-3-eclectic-provence-style-interior-design-white-kitchen-set-black-ceiling-wallpaper-faux-brick-wall

On the balcony both the ceiling and flooring are decorated with parquet boards.


Shabby chic concept, as well as Provence and ethnics, requires plenty of small décor: unusual door handles, small figurines, potted plants. Many accessories are hand-made: the owner has dressed up the doorway with artificially aged wood, decorated the handles of cabinets, table frames and radiators by herself.

4-1-eclectic-provence-style-interior-design-decor-desk-lamp-tray-jug-spoon 4-2-eclectic-provence-style-interior-design-home-decor-wall-lamp-blue-glass-bird-figurine-flower-vase

Mosaic inserts for the wardrobe were made by her and her mother. On the whole, the bedroom features plenty of ethnical mosaic elements: several lamps, a chest of drawers and the entire headboard zone are decorated with this material. At the same time, the curtains remind more of Provence and ceiling beams are totally loft-style. Artworks were brought from European flea markets, inherited from the grandmother or painted by the owner.

5-1-eclectic-provence-style-bedroom-interior-design-ethnical-motives-oriental-mosaic-tiles-headboard-lamps-mirror-curtains-ceiling-beams 5-2-eclectic-provence-style-interior-design-ethnical-motives-oriental-mosaic-tiles-headboard-bedside-lamps-bed-linen 5-3-ethnical-motives-oriental-mosaic-tiles-headboard-lamps-mirror-curtains-ceiling-beams-chest-of-drawers-built-in-wardrobe-mirror 5-4-eclectic-provence-style-interior-design-mosaic-tiles-insertions-ceiling-lamp-beams-wardrobe-door-decor

The bathroom is the hostess’s special point of pride: she totally adorns the combination of “rusted” tiles, street lamps with green patina and blatantly burgher-style sanitary ware: a clawfoot bath and a throne-like toilet. A traditional Provence symbol – a forged birdcage – is used for storing flowers, candles and all that stuff.


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