6 Ideas of Re-Using Old Tableware and Cutlery

February 7, 2017
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Just a few fragile saucers are left from the most favorite china set. They are absolutely useless, but so dear to you that you can’t dare to throw them away. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? So, you have bought new beautiful cups, and old ones, faded and cracked, just lie idle in your upper kitchen cabinets gathering dust and occupying precious space. It’s high time to get rid of everything redundant, but in a more humane and exciting way than using a garbage can. In this article we’re offering you 6 practical tips on turning old kitchenware into original items of home décor.


Idea №1: Lamps

Using cups instead of conventional lamp shades, you can create one-of-a-kind pendant lamp, which would add special flavor to your kitchen or dining room interior. Tableware and cutlery can be very decorative – just use your imagination to the greatest extent possible and create true masterpieces.

1-how-to-re-use-old-cups-ideas-pendant-lamp-chandelier-DIY-handmade 2-how-to-re-use-old-cups-cutlery-forks-spoons-ideas-lamp-chandelier-DIY-handmade

Idea №2: Candlesticks

Why not utilize old kitchenware as candlesticks? This option is especially ideal for creating holiday settings.

3-how-to-re-use-old-cutlery-forks-spoons-ideas-candlestick-candle-holder-DIY-handmade 4-how-to-re-use-old-cups-ideas-candlestick-DIY-handmade

Idea №3: Vases and Flower Pots

Indoor plants or a small bouquet of fresh spring flowers look far more charming in an old coffee pot or in your grandma’s cup, than in a trivial plastic pot. And if you can boast a great collection of old tableware and your home is too small to arrange such a number of flower “pots”, use you balcony or your summer house.

5-how-to-re-use-old-cups-ideas-flower-pot-vase-coffee-pot-DIY-handmade 6-how-to-re-use-old-cups-ideas-flower-pots-succulents-DIY-handmade

Idea №4: Hooks and Holders

It’s not just cups that can play a surprising role. There’s a side to forks and spoons that you also never knew. For example, they can easily be transformed into towel hooks, organizers for sticky notes and other useful small things.

7-how-to-re-use-old-cutlery-forks-spoons-ideas-clothes-rack-hooks-DIY-handmade 8-how-to-re-use-old-cutlery-forks-spoons-ladles-ideas-sticky-note-holder-organizer-DIY-handmade

Idea №5: Clocks

A clock is an essential decorative and functional element of any interior. Using old kitchenware (for example, a common dish), you can create an exclusive designer piece or dress up the already available clock a little bit.

9-how-to-re-use-old-plates-dishes-cutlery-ideas-clock-DIY-handmade 10-how-to-re-use-old-cups-and-saucers-ideas-wall-clock-DIY-handmade

Idea №6: Wall Décor

And you should also remember that using some fantasy and having a strong desire you can turn anything into a piece of art. And old tableware is not the exception. Original plate wall compositions, framed cutlery collages and other designer experiments will awake your creative spirit and bring charm to your sweet interior!

11-how-to-re-use-old-cutlery-spoons-forks-ideas-wall-decor-framed-picture-DIY-handmade 12-how-to-re-use-old-dishes-plates-cutlery-forks-spoons-ideas-wall-decor-DIY-handmade

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