French-Style Apartment with Many Bespoke Elements (Part 1)

February 7, 2017
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Living, stylish and homey interiors are, as a general rule, a fruit of good collaboration between a designer and owners. And this apartment designed in French style and fulfilled with interesting designer tricks and bespoke elements is not an exception. The master was in charge of all technical aspects, the mistress (who can boast a really good taste by the way) was engaged in selecting items of décor, and the designer was organizing the space and monitored the general style concept of the interior. Anyway, it’s better to see once!


Layout Peculiarities

While implementing this interior design project, the designer had to reveal all her professional skills: from handling the legal procedures to creating bespoke furnishing. In particular, the clients asked a pro for help when the multistory building was just being constructed. They wanted to join two next door apartments (44 sq. m. + 99 sq. m. + common hallway + recessed balcony) into a single spacious flat. The designer handled all the necessary legal procedures and by the time of moving in the new layout was already prepared by the real estate developer.


The re-planned apartment was then entirely adjusted to the need of the clients – a family with one kid – and could put all the necessary stuff in one place. The flat is visually and functionally divided into two parts: a public and a private one. The studio (public) part comprises an entry room, a lounge, an open-concept kitchen and dining room, and a closet for overclothes. While the private zone includes a master bedroom featuring a bathroom exit, a walk-in closet and a work area, and a toddler room. Also, a separate room was found for a laundry, where the hosts can wash, dry and iron their linen.

To make most of the top-floor location of the apartment it was decided to arrange big floor-to-ceiling windows in place of a recessed balcony. So now the masters can enjoy a splendid landscape opening from the window.


As for the color scheme of the interior, it’s pretty neutral and typical of French-style design. Accenting colors are very quiet and noble, represented by different shades of brown and gray.


Living Room

The centerpiece of the lounge zone is a bespoke “chocolate” brown 3D wall. The designer spent much time and effort to create it. It took especially long to choose the right material, which would be ideally suitable in terms of its functional, aesthetical and price characteristics. In the end selected was MDF. On a furniture mill it was cut into wide and narrow planks, and then the construction team cut out precise details according to the designer’s scheme and glued them to the wall. At the end both the wall and 3D décor were painted warm chocolate brown.


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