Functional Scandinavian-Style Apartment in White, Gray & Blue

February 9, 2017
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An ideal temperature of human body is 36.6 degrees Celsius. And today we’d like to show you an interior design project of a two-room apartment, the area of which is 36.6. square meters. Let’s see how such a relatively small space can be made beautiful, comfortable and full-fledged in all aspects.


As is often the case with small spaces, the author of the project had to think long and hard about storage organization and relaxation issues. In the end it was determined that the lounge and kitchen had to be made open-concept, storage areas should be arranged in recesses beside the bathroom entrance, and the bedroom would be completely isolated from other zones.

When selecting an interior style concept, choices were set upon Scandinavian motives: quiet colors and minimalist furniture, which is also the best recipe for small spaces. Accordingly, white was selected as a primary color and coupled with gray and blue.


In the kitchen zone white wall color was complemented by neutral grayish beige ceramic granite on the floor. The kitchen set is bespoke: it combines two typical Scandinavian-style finishes – white glossy upper cabinets and base cabinets faced with natural American walnut veneer. With space-saving in mind the dining zone was designed as a white marble bar table with a couple of stools. By the way, the worktop and backsplash are made from the same material, which binds the cooking and dining areas together.


The light and warm kitchen area gradually change into a quieter and darker living room. The latter features a full-fledged zone for family time spending and receiving guests. A gray Jesse sofa, a floor lamp by Zuiver Tripod Lamp and a couple of compact contrasting coffee tables by Cellini create a nice set.


A finishing touch is brought by a glossy white TV-set stand featuring an element of American walnut veneer, which we had already seen in the kitchen. And that’s not all! American walnut is represented in numerous details, including doors and skirting boards, which makes the interior more integral and links different pieces of furniture.


Guided by the same holistic approach idea, the bedroom was designed using the same materials as in the lounge – similar wall paint and the same ceramic granite tiles on the floor. Like the rest of the space, this room is pretty minimalist. The furnishing is represented by just a plain bed with an extended headboard and two nightstands by Novamobili. A decorative component of the interior is two blue and white posters of marine theme.


Bathroom furniture is custom-made and here we see American walnut again. There is no bath tub e – just a minimalist rain shower by Hansgrohe. Thanks to it the room features a full-fledged set of sanitary porcelain: a toilet bowl, a bidet by Villeroy & Boch Joyce and a big wash basin with a Hansgrohe Puravida mixer.

6-minimalist-Scandinavian-style-bathroom-interior-design-big-wash-basin-rain-shower-cabin-glass-mirror-towel-shelf-storage-white-American-walnut-veneer 7-minimalist-Scandinavian-style-bathroom-interior-design-big-wash-basin-rain-shower-cabin-glass-mirror-towel-shelf-storage-toilet-bowl-bidet-white-American-walnut-veneer

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