Minimalist Studio Apartment Decorated with Designer Furniture

February 13, 2017
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Catherine is a young designer. And for her friend this newly-built apartment in Moscow was the first own accommodation. Most of the budget was spent on buying the living space, and decorative component of the interior had to be arranged in an environment of austerity. And that’s not forgetting the fact that the mistress is keen on modern design trends and likes being surrounded by original author’s pieces.


Under these circumstances the girls decided to opt for the most logical course of action – to create a space fit for normal living now and keep it a clean slate for further purchases of the owner. That is exactly why the apartment seems half-empty. But this is not the only reason.

Catherine’s friend spends much time travelling on business and loves to invite big companies of friends on coming back home. So, Catherine did her best to prepare the flat for receiving guests: the floor is covered with ceramic granite, the layout was made open-concept and a folding sofa replaced a full-fledged bedroom. This seems to be not so convenient, but the mistress loves big companies too much.


Symbolically, the owner’s first investment in interior decor was the purchase of Kartell chairs designed by Philippe Starck – two standard black and one in copper finish, which took almost a year to deliver. This sitting furniture set is coupled with an author’s dining table made from parts of two different IKEA pieces.

The kitchen set was made by IKEA. Catherine finished the entire recess surface around the preparation area with wood. On the whole, the interior features many details hinting on natural theme: faux wood ceramic granite, real tree branches in vases, a jute rug by the sofa and etc. Catherine says that it was the forest view opening from the window that inspired her to connect the interior of the apartment and the surrounding environment.


One more remarkable piece of interior is an asymmetrical Ruche arm-chair designed by Inga Sempé. It is coupled with a small coffee table by Jonathan Adler and a floor lamp by Rubn. The sleeping and lounge zone furnished with a folding gray IKEA sofa, a couple of wooden ZARA coffee tables and a desk lamp by Rubn. The wall is decorated with a photo by Nikola Kostic.


Both the walls and ceiling are coated with pale ashy paint, which creates a perfect background for artworks and designer furniture pieces.


The only load-bearing wall in the flat and the balcony are laid with clinker bricks. The balcony is pretty laconic and dressed up with a suspended wicker arm-chair, just perfect for spending cozy summer evenings.


The bathroom is minimalist – faced with white brick tiles (the same as on the kitchen backsplash) and diluted with eco-motives: a wooden countertop, a genuine tree branch and a mirror hanging on a rope.


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