Award-Winning Attic Interior with a Soaring Cube

February 17, 2017
Posted in Architecture

Every year, the world’s most visited architecture website, chooses the best international projects for the “Building of the Year” award. As a rule, selected to participate are only those house architectural projects and interior designs that were created within the last year. In 2016 there were over 3,500 participants. Among them the jury picked a few best variants in each of 16 categories. One of these projects that were lucky to get in the short-list was an attic interior design that we would like to show you today.


This attic was designed by a couple of young Russian designers from Ruetemple Bureau. This interior represents a multifunctional space that is equally good for work, rest, receiving guests and having some privacy. Plenty of air, particular zoning tricks and convenient modular furniture make the space truly functional, stylish and modern. And a “floating cube” in the middle is something absolutely special indeed! A soaring composition with a tree growing inside is undoubtedly the spice of the project.

 1-1-attic-floor-interior-design-in-contemporary-modern-style-open-space-modular-furniture-sofas-soaring-cube-sloped-ceiling-skylights-scheme-plan 1-2-attic-floor-interior-design-in-contemporary-modern-style-open-space-modular-furniture-sofas-soaring-cube-layout-plan-scheme

The hosts say that the designers managed to bring all their wants, needs, wishes, dreams, doubts and fears together to get a unique symbiosis of a living room and a private space. They especially adore multiple light scenarios and modular nature of the interior.

2-attic-floor-interior-design-in-contemporary-modern-style-open-space-modular-furniture-sofas-soaring-cube-sloped-ceiling-skylights-light-floor-white-walls-gray-furniture 3-attic-floor-interior-design-in-contemporary-modern-style-open-space-modular-furniture-sofas-soaring-cube-sloped-ceiling-skylights-light-floor-white-walls-gray-furniture 4-attic-floor-interior-design-in-contemporary-modern-style-open-space-modular-furniture-sofas-sloped-ceiling-skylights-light-floor-white-walls-gray-furniture 5-attic-floor-interior-design-in-contemporary-modern-style-open-space-modular-furniture-sofas-sloped-ceiling-skylights-light-floor-white-walls-gray-furniture

Hiding all the sofa modules under the cube and putting all the stools under the broad windowsill they get an absolutely open and balanced space. A vital role in creating this peaceful atmosphere is played by splendid indoor plants and big windows with a garden view. And when guests come, the interior can be transformed into a comfy and spacious living room in about a minute – modules can seat a very big company.

6-attic-floor-interior-design-in-contemporary-modern-style-open-space-modular-furniture-sofas-soaring-cube-sloped-ceiling-skylights-light-floor-white-walls-gray-furniture 7-attic-floor-interior-design-in-contemporary-modern-style-open-space-modular-furniture-sofas-soaring-cube-sloped-ceiling-skylights-light-floor-white-walls-gray-furniture

The only thing the owners would like to change is pebbles inside the cube. The thing is that this is the most favorite playground of their kids and as soon as they get inside pebbles literally start flying everywhere. Thus, from the safety point of view they plan to replace pebbles with a softer material till kids grow up.


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