Most Beautiful Contemporary Flower Paintings by Claire Basler

February 20, 2017
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What can be more beautiful and springtime than flowers? Today we’d like to tell you a story of a world famous French painter who can depict flowers in a way that can take your breath away…


Her passion for flowers came out from her childhood. Her father was an architect and appreciated beautiful things. Maybe that’s why their house was always full of flowers. Though you can hardly find a picture without flowers among her paintings, Claire Basler doesn’t call herself a naturalist. She says that she doesn’t paint flowers – she paints life through the flowers. Because flowers are great in depicting the things we feel every day: our thoughts, emotions, weaknesses and strong points. And this plot is inexhaustible.

2-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks-studio 3-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks-studio 4-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks-studio 5-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks-studio

Of course, to be able to paint such beautiful pictures, a painter needs something besides inspiration – a particular environment. And if someone needs to be fuelled by books, movies or communication to recharge, Claire needs just flowers around her. Actually, her major source of inspiration is her own chateau, where she once started to paint the walls and keeps doing it even today. Here, surrounded by dear walls and fruits of her own creation, the painter can give life to new masterpieces.

11-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks-painted-walls-in-interior-design-dining-room 12-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks-painted-walls-in-interior-design-bedroom 13-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks-painted-walls-in-interior-design-wood-storage-room 14-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks-painted-walls-in-interior-design-living-room 15-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks-painted-walls-in-interior-design-music-hall-room-piano

In fact, to paint flowers in such a way one must not just love, but also understand and feel them. And Claire does her best to keep her studio filled with plants, not just flowers, but also trees and dried branches. They inspire her and become centerpieces of her paintings.

6-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks 7-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks 8-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks 9-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks 10-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks

But despite her love for everything related to nature in general, Claire Basler has her favorite themes. Thus, her favorite flower is oriental poppy, the one with the black center. Also she adores irises for their complexity, peonies for their tenderness, and chamomiles for their association with her childhood. Finally, among her favorite themes she names wild flowers and romantic blooming apple trees and cherries.

16-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks 17-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks 18-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks 19-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks 20-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks

It may seem like the painter is not willing to see anything besides flowers and paintings around her, but this is absolutely wrong. It’s exactly her love for home and family traditions that helps her to value everything and see the beauty in little details. Maybe, that’s why her artworks and everything around her is so gorgeous: her house, her garden, her life and her exclusively optimistic personality.

21-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks-studio 22-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks 23-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks 24-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks 25-claire-basler-naturalist-painter-flower-paintings-nature-contemporary-artworks-paintbrushes

Claire believes that even a pile of coal can be as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers. Everything depends on the way we look at things around us. From her side she tries to surround her daily life with things that would be comfortable and comforting: some things have been with her since childhood and that’s what makes her home truly near and dear to her heart.

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