Two-Room American-Style Apartment in Mediterranean Colors

February 20, 2017
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This interior design project named “Tangerine Mood” was prepared for a middle-aged family couple, whose kids are already grown up and live apart, coming home just for weekend dinners. So, the goal was a comfortable two-room space for two, but with an option for receiving guests in public areas. The masters are keen on travelling and in particular enjoy seaside recreation. This to a great extent influenced the choice of a color scheme – typical Mediterranean color palette – tangerine orange and lapis blue, diluted with beige hues. In terms of style choice was set upon the mixture of American and contemporary styles.


Living Room

A faux plasterboard fireplace is planned to become a centerpiece of the living room. The newly-formed recesses on its sides will be arranged as open shelving units for storing books and displaying versatile décor. A fresh designer idea was to fill the fireplace with genuine potted tangerine trees.

The ceiling is accented by laconic caissons that are intended to highlight geometrical motifs present in each room of the flat. A nice finishing touch is brought by a forged bright yellow chandelier in the shape of a lotus flower.

The living room is visually linked to further spaces – the kitchen and the corridor – by means of quite neutral wallpaper with jute texture.



A corner kitchen set will be custom-made from MDF. It will have a big storage area and a full-fledged worktop. Naturalistic finishes of cabinets, a walnut dining table’s top and jute-textured wallpaper refresh the whiteness of the walls, the ceiling and the laconic backsplash. Thanks to an elegant oval table coupled with massive American-style chairs, the dining area looks very presentable. And a couple of original chandeliers made of numerous beads will create soft family atmosphere in the evening time.



The combination of delicate bluish hues and beige shades sets the right mood for sleep and rest. The bed is outflanked by a couple of wardrobes and backed by an upholstered headboard. And the role of a decorative component will be played by geometrical mirrored compositions and a chandelier in art-deco style.



Classically framed doorway and doors faced with decorative lattice and mirrors create an illusion of a parade room entry. When in fact it’s just a walk-in closet door.



Glossy monochrome blue wall tiles and neutral Mettlach tiles on the floor of the bathroom will be coupled with active ochre orange accents: frisky ruffles of a shower curtain, floor tiles with meander pattern and beautiful lampshades. And without extra details and a wash basin cabinet this small room will preserve the sense of Mediterranean airiness.



This room will be decorated quite prettily: the bottom part of the walls will be faced with white ceramic tiles, while the upper part will be covered with floral wallpaper in English style. And the access to technical water-supply units will be disguised by wall art objects.


Among the weak points of this project can be named too massive chandeliers in the kitchen and the bedroom – they’re designed for higher ceilings; TV-set location opposite the window in the living room, and the lack of storage space in the bathroom.

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