Cheaper Alternatives to Iconic Furniture Pieces

February 21, 2017
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Crisis makes us cut our expenditures, but this is not the reason for buying counterfeit. We’d like to prove that you can always find cheaper alternatives to iconic furniture designs that would be as good and high-quality as their famous inspirers.


*All prices are average and for comparative purposes only.

Louis Ghost Chair

The legendary plastic chair created by Philippe Starck for an Italian brand Kartell has gained enormous popularity. Seemingly fragile, it’s very solid and comfy actually. It’s not in the least surprising that every year it manages to find new admirers. Following changes of fashion and getting in hands of different artists and designers it changes its shape and color, but the basic model in solid plastic remains the most popular anyway. The original chair by Kartell costs over $1,000, and its alternatives are priced as follows: Queen by Pedrali – $260, Slim by Softline – $170, Vanity Magis – $330.

1-transparent-solid-plastic-Louis-Ghost-Chair-Philippe-Starck-Kartell-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece 2-transparent-solid-plastic-chair-Queen-by-Pedrali-budget-cheaper-alternative-to-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece 3-transparent-solid-plastic-chair-Slim-by-Softline-budget-cheaper-alternative-to-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece 4-transparent-solid-plastic-chair-Vanity-Magis-budget-cheaper-alternative-to-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece

Stool 60

This is probably the most famous stool model in the world, which was created by the founder of modernist Scandinavian design – Alvar Aalto. Being pretty plain at first glance, it actually caused much trouble to its author. In 1930s an item of such shape could be made solely in metal. It took him a few years to invent a technology, which would allow for bending birch plywood in such a way. During its existence the stool inspired many international designers around the globe to transform and re-decorate it following relevant interior trends. The original model costs about $330, while its IKEA alternative’s price is just about $15.

5-Alvar-Aalto-stool-60-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece 6-Frosta-stool-IKEA-birch-plywood-budget-cheaper-alternative-to-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece

Soho Sofa

Furniture designs by Paolo Piva are well known for their laconic image and ultimate functionality. Hence it’s hardly surprising that his Soho sofa is considered to be one of the most comfortable designs in the world. Original Poliform’s design will cost you about $10,400, while an alternative Alameda model by Calligaris can be bought for $4,000 and Ego sofa by Arketipo – for $4,170.

7-gray-Soho-sofa-by-Paolo-Piva-Poliform-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece 8-Alameda-sofa-by-Calligaris-budget-cheaper-alternative-to-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece 9-Ego-sofa-by-Arketipo-budget-cheaper-alternative-to-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece

Paper Planes Sofa

It’s a true piece of art in furniture industry – an origami sofa made in peculiar textile. $5,650 is the price of the original manufactured by Moroso, and a similar design by Softline will cost about $2,000.

10-Paper-Planes-sofa-Moroso-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece 11-Basket-sofa-by-Softline-budget-cheaper-alternative-to-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece

Egg Chair

A Danish architect Arne Emil Jacobsen designed this splendid chair for a Copenhagen hotel interior back in 1958. Initially the author has made its prototype from common clay. This arm-chair’s design is so well-though-out that even in a crowded place you feel like in a safe asylum. It’s hardly surprising that this shape became a source of inspiration for other designers. As compared to the original’s price of almost $7,000, the alternatives cost $2,600 (Classic Imola Chair by BoConcept) and $520 (Tirup swivel chair by IKEA).

12-Egg-chair-by-Arne-Emil-Jacobsen-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece 13-Classic-Imola-Chair-by-BoConcept-budget-cheaper-alternative-to-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece 14-Tirup-swivel-chair-by-IKEA-budget-cheaper-alternative-to-iconic-world-famous-furniture-piece

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