Three-Floor Townhouse with Two Contemporary Levels & Loft Attic

February 21, 2017
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This beautiful townhouse with a total area of 330 sq. m. is situated in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. Its masters are a young married couple who spent their whole life in the centre of this big city. Two years ago they decided to escape to the outskirts and found this undecorated three-story townhouse. Unfortunately, their housewarming party was thrown not as soon as they had expected, as they had to change a few construction crews before they were able to find good specialists.  But now their house is absolutely ready and they’re completely satisfied with its interior design.


The latter was worked out by a young, yet very competent interior designer. She and her clients almost didn’t have any disagreements as the masters trusted her taste to the fullest after looking through her portfolio.

Given that hosts frequently receive guests, the entire first floor was designed as a spacious open-concept dining room and kitchen. The dining room includes a lounge area with an operating fireplace and a patio exit. Warm color palette and velvety furniture create the atmosphere of quiet relaxation. Books on art and items of home décor were presented by friends or purchased by the masters. A small entry room, a laundry and a guest bathroom are also located on this level.

1-contemporary-style-open-concept-dining-room-lounge-interior-design-gray-beige-brown-fireplace-capitone-arm-chairs-with-rivets-oval-table-dark-floor-3D-walls-mirror 3-contemporary-style-open-concept-dining-room-lounge-interior-design-gray-beige-brown-fireplace-capitone-arm-chairs-oval-table-dark-floor-3D-walls-staircase-townhouse 2-contemporary-style-open-concept-dining-room-lounge-interior-design-gray-beige-brown-fireplace-arm-chairs-with-rivets-dark-floor-3D-walls 4-contemporary-style-open-concept-dining-room-lounge-interior-design-gray-beige-brown-capitone-arm-chairs-oval-table-dark-floor-3D-walls-vase-desk-lamps-flowers

The second floor is meant for sleeping – here you will find two bedrooms. One belongs to the masters and has a spacious walk-in closet in a bay window.

7-gray-blue-brown-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-3D-walls-upholstered-capitone-bed-bedside-lamps-ottoman-chandelier-bay-window 8-gray-blue-white-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-3D-walls-faux-candle-fireplace-arm-chair-reading-corner-floor-lamp-round-mirror-modern-picture 9-blue-white-brown-walk-in-closet-interior-design-in-bay-window

The other is designed for guests, and in the future will be transformed into a toddler room. Both rooms are arranged in the same quiet color palette like the first floor: gray, beige, brown and blue. Both upholstered beds are bespoke, and the rest of the furniture – chairs, ottomans, nightstands – are made by Ethan Allen brand. Modern artworks are painted by a famous Russian artist, and all the beautiful lighting fixtures – wall, bedside, floor lamps and chandeliers – are made by an American designer Jonathan Adler.

5-gray-blue-pink-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-3D-walls-upholstered-velvet-bed-wall-lamps-chairs-dark-floor-coffee-table-curtains 6-gray-blue-pink-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-3D-walls-upholstered-velvet-bed-wall-floor-lamps-chairs-dark-floor-coffee-table-curtains-ottoman-round-mirrors 9-2-beige-and-brown-big-bathroom-interior-design-cupboard-toilet-bidet-wash-basin-cabinet-mirror-wall-lamps-glass-shower-cabin

The third floor is distinct from the two previous by style and mood. Here you’ll find a big living room with a spot for watching movies and a sound system. With faux brick wall, metal elements, brutal colors and American furnishing, this space looks like American loft style.

10-American-loft-style-attic-lounge-living-room-interior-design-capitone-sofa-desk-lamps-chandeliers-white-faux-brick-wall-sloped-ceiling-coffee-table-blue-and-gray-TV-set 11-American-loft-style-attic-lounge-living-room-interior-design-capitone-sofas-floor-lamps-chandelier-white-faux-brick-wall-sloped-ceiling-coffee-table-blue-and-gray-carpet

And the image of this floor is finished by a minimalist spacious bathroom in beige and white with skylights and pretty laconic sanitary porcelain and furnishing.

12-spacious-big-minimalist-bathroom-interior-design-two-wash-basins-cabinets-oval-bath-bathtub-glass-shower-cabin-attic-sloped-ceiling-two-skylights 13-spacious-big-minimalist-bathroom-interior-design-two-wash-basins-cabinets-oval-bath-bathtub-glass-shower-cabin-attic-sloped-ceiling-two-skylights-mirror

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