Naturalistic Scandinavian-Style Apartment Reminding of Forest

February 23, 2017
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This apartment seems to be breathing nature – naturalistic hues of wood and sand, finishing materials, a deer painting on the wall… But this is not all. The designer managed to create the atmosphere of ultimate peace of a deep forest without a hint of green color in the interiors. With the exception of indoor plants, probably.


The windows are located ideally: the kitchen overlooks the east side and the balcony of the living room seems to be designed for watching the sunset. Given that there is enough natural light in the flat in general, it was supported by snow-white color of the walls.

In the process of work white was coupled with burgundy, since it’s the favorite color of the client. It was diluted with some black, concrete and natural wood hues connecting all the rooms into a single image.

In terms of interior style the clients’ wishes were defined as “contemporary style with Scandinavian notes”.


As for the layout, there was no-need to alter anything: the flat has enough space for receiving guests and having some privacy. For the sake of convenient circulation between the rooms, the lounge was separated from the kitchen and bedroom with sliding doors. The same principle was applied to a functional recess in the kitchen zone.

The master bathroom is quite laconic – designed in white, beige and gray and with a naturalistic hand-made stool. The second bathroom was arranged as a service room.


In the living room one of the walls was covered with black wallpaper. Their naturalistic texture and shine make the play of light more complex and versatile. Besides, it creates a very attractive background for natural wood and a Swedish chest of drawers in particular.

With eco-friendliness and budgeting in mind, both the lounge and the living room were finished with dark corkwood flooring. In the living room it is matched by a big upholstered sofa. The latter is surrounded by a couple of vintage chairs and a bench playing the role of a coffee table. Naturalistic theme is complemented by a finishing touch – a contemporary deer painting on the wall.


In the bedroom Belgian wall covering is accented by a contrasting bed and nightstand in light wood.


The kitchen set is bespoke. The client is not very tall, so instead of customary upper cabinets for storing spices and kitchen utensils arranged was a more convenient recess. And most of the tableware is stored in base cabinets on the opposite wall.


The kitchen has a splendid city view, so the windowsill was designed as a countertop for morning coffee.


The dining area consists of a compact round table and chairs, one of which is folding – for unexpected guests. And the sense of coziness is added by decorative wall plates – they’re quite neutral so far, but the mistress plans to gradually replace them with souvenir pieces from travels.


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