White Walls, Black Ceiling & Wood – Ascetic Loft Style in Barcelona

February 24, 2017
Posted in Apartments

Noble materials, naturalistic color scheme and huge floor-to-ceiling windows – in her new project Katty Schiebeck, a famous designer from Barcelona, organically intertwined ascetic minimalism and elegant modern style.


A Spanish designer Katty Schiebeck is known for her unique recognizable style: her minimalist interiors never feature superfluous details or bright colors, but in them you will surely find notes of modern style, unique designer pieces and noble natural materials. A spacious loft-style apartment with a private garden exit in Barcelona that we’re going to see today embodies all the “trademark” features of Katty’s style.

2-ascetic-minimalist-loft-style-kitchen-interior-design-white-walls-black-ceiling-wooden-push-to-open-island-without-upper-cabinets-white-square-floor-tiles 1-ascetic-minimalist-loft-style-dining-room-interior-design-white-walls-black-ceiling-wooden-table-gray-chairs-dark-floor 4-ascetic-minimalist-loft-style-interior-design-white-walls-black-ceiling-living-room-reading-corner-geometrical-wooden-arm-chairs-book-shelves

The loft interior features many cold materials, such as concrete, marble, metal and glass. Such a mixture seems to be condemning the interior to the feel of anti-coziness and anti-hominess. But the designer artfully softens it with much sunlight, home textile textures, warm beige accents, wooden elements and greenery growing in the backyard and becoming a part of the interior composition thanks to huge panoramic windows.


The color scheme is composed of exclusively naturalistic hues: graphite black, white, gray and dark brown tints create a background for light blue, beige, dark blue and green accents.


The only totally monochrome room in the house is the bathroom. Such an approach is explained by the fact that in this space first come texture, forms and lines: marble partition in the shower is coexists with rough unprocessed concrete, white square tiles and showy black furniture and sanitary porcelain.


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