Compromise Family Bedroom Project: Contemporary + Classics

March 2, 2017
Posted in Bedroom

This bedroom interior design project is special in the first place because it was worked out as a compromise variant for the spouses, who share different interior views. One of them tends to favor contemporary style, while the other had her heart set upon classics. This project was a nice attempt to consider the tastes of both spouses and find a golden mean in terms of architectural design and decorative filling.


The color scheme of the room is based upon soft grayish hues and delicate spring accents. The bed sized 180 cm x 210 cm has compact legs and thus looks quite airy. Its multicolored headboard will become an attraction point against a smoky gray background and a center of the symmetrical interior composition.

The headboard will be framed by a U-shaped MDF structure composed of two open shelving units with 30-cm-deep shelves and local lowering of plasterboard ceiling with lamps built-in. Given that the bookshelves will be located along the length of the bed, there will enough space for a couple of mirrored nightstands. Their reflective finishes will “disappear” in the space and this part of the room won’t look overloaded. Besides, mirrored furniture is known for its ability to expand spaces visually.

Floral pattern of the headboard plays the role of a big picture that people usually hang above their beds. And strict general symmetry of the interior is somewhat refreshed by asymmetrical wall décor: in the woman’s part these are bright Cameroonian Ju-Ju hats, and in the man’s half –a family portrait.


Opposite the bed there is a roomy wardrobe with custom-made MDF swing doors. They’ll be painted the color of the crown molding, very close to the color of walls. This will make the interior more integral and three-dimensional and will remove unnecessary color contrasts. The windows will be dressed with curtains with blackout lining that will block sunlight and ensure comfy afternoon nap.

Next to the wardrobe there will be a recessed 190-cm-long worktop, which can be used as a laptop desk or a dressing table.


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