Malachite Box: Small One-Room Apartment with Green Accents

March 2, 2017
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The primary drawback of this one-room apartment was an interior load-bearing wall, which literally divided the total area of 43.7 sq. m. into two equal parts that couldn’t be significantly transformed. However, the author of the project found a way to make the most use of the initial space for the needs of a young single woman.


Rational use of small space

For a start the designer suggests that an ex-walk-in closet should be abandoned in favor of a corner closet. This will increase the area of the entry room. Secondly, the only living room will be zoned by a bespoke perforated room divider: it will separate the bedroom zone arranged by the window from the lounge area. A wide doorway leading to the main room from the entry will be equipped with sliding doors. The same way arranged will be the doorway between the kitchen and the corridor. The bathroom will remain isolated from the toilet, as the hostess plans to receive guests frequently.

Lounge zone

The interior is designed in contemporary style, in neutral color palette with green accents. In this apartment the designer competently combines natural and geometrical motifs, white and versatile hues of gray, brown and green.

Considering the limited area of the lounge zone, its furnishing is composed of just must-haves: a compact sofa by IKEA, a visually lightweight suspended TV console and a round coffee table with metal framework by Eichholtz. This zone will be accented by a carpet with geometrical pattern and artworks of natural topic. The walls will be coated with warm peach orange paint that perfectly blends with chocolate brown parquetry.

1-1-contemporary-style-interior-design-living-room-lounge-perforated-screen-room-divider-round-metal-coffee-table-Eichholtz-chocolate-brown-parquetry-IKEA-sofa-green-throw-pillows-orange-wall-geometrical-carpet 1-2-contemporary-style-interior-design-living-room-lounge-perforated-screen-room-divider-round-metal-coffee-table-Eichholtz-chocolate-brown-parquetry-IKEA-sofa-green-throw-pillows-geometrical-carpet-bedroom-bed 1-3-contemporary-style-interior-design-living-room-lounge-perforated-screen-room-divider-round-metal-coffee-table-Eichholtz-chocolate-brown-parquetry-orange-wall-geometrical-carpet-TV-set-suspended-console

Bedroom zone

The two zones will be divided by a perforated decorative screen. It will ensure insolation of the lounge and visual isolation of the bedroom. The latter will be decorated with greenish textured cellulose wallpaper. The sleeping area will be lit by a classical chandelier.



Considering the single status of the owner, the kitchen design will be straight-line and with a minimum set of appliances. Translucent sheer curtains will be matched by green wallpaper and chair upholstery. And geometrical pattern of floor tiles and backsplash will emphasize laconic lines of the cabinets.



Given that the area of the flat is so limited, support spaces are designed using similar color schemes, materials and even furniture. Thus, a gray wash basin cabinet will mirror the kitchen cabinets finishes, and the quartz stone countertop will be the same as the worktop in the kitchen.


Entry room

The ex-walk-in-closet’s place will be occupied by an L-shaped wardrobe. A big IKEA mirror and monochrome ceramic granite flooring are supposed to disguise the tightness of the room.


Weak points of the project

Despite all the designer tricks utilized to “save” this small apartment and make it as functional as possible, this interior project has a few weak points. Firstly, the ceiling height will be sacrificed for the sake of built-in lamps, which is not desirable for small spaces. Secondly, the bedroom area lacks sound insulation. Thirdly, there are too few storage spaces. And fourthly, most of the furnishing will be custom-made, which increases the total value of the interior design.

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