Gorgeous Open-Concept Living Room in Contemporary Style

March 6, 2017
Posted in Living Room

Today we’d like to show you a fashionable open-concept living room of a big total area including a kitchen, a bar, a dining zone, a big library, a huge lounge area and an aquarium separating the room from the study.


The color scheme of this interior design project is naturalistic. In fact, it was inspired by the finishing materials – these are mainly light and beige hues, natural stone textures and dark and light wood.


It’s hard to say which of the zones in the room is a centerpiece – each of them is stylish and fashionable in its own way and can play the leading role. However, the grand chandeliers hanging above the dining table drop a hint as to what is the centre of attraction in this room. The dining set is made by an Italian manufacturer Point House. Metal framework of the table and chairs blends with the mirror elements of the chandeliers and bar stools in the kitchen zone.

2-1-contemporary-style-open-concept-living-dining-room-kitchen-interior-design-white-walls-panoramic-windows-chandeliers-fireplace-marble-table-chairs-metal-base-white-set-wooden-wall-panels 2-2-contemporary-style-open-concept-living-dining-room-kitchen-interior-design-white-walls-panoramic-windows-chandeliers-fireplace-marble-table-chairs-metal-base-white-set-wooden-wall-panels 2-3-contemporary-style-open-concept-living-dining-room-kitchen-interior-design-white-walls-panoramic-windows-chandeliers-table-chairs-metal-base-gray-curtains-sheer

The fireplace is composed of natural marble. Its bicolor black-and-white body gradually transforms into a bar table. The fireplace was custom-made by Antolini Luigi Company. The latter is known for its high-quality materials with ideal surfaces and perfect edges of the final product obtained through hydraulic cutting.


One more eye-catchy element is a floor-to-ceiling home library arranged on the wall between the living room and the study. The shelving unit is made by Poliform. Its classical minimalist shapes are emphasized by backlights and a huge built-in aquarium.


The kitchen set for this project was custom-designed according to the wishes of the chef, who is frequently invited here to cook for the master and his guests. Laconic black-and-white cabinets with smooth glossy finishes and push-to-open mechanisms were made by a German manufacturer – Leicht, and the worktop is made of quartz stone. The preparation area is lit by built-in sensor lights. The built-in appliances are made by Kuppersbusch.

5-contemporary-style-open-concept-living-dining-room-minimalist-black-and white-kitchen-interior-design-push-to-open-cabinets-pendant-lamps-marble-fireplace-bar-stools-wooden-wall

There is no wallpaper in this room – all the walls are painted. The paint is Japanese – by Kansai brand – it’s recommended for use in kitchen areas, doesn’t absorb smells and has a nano-formulae preventing the growth of mold.


The flooring is engineered wood by EсxoFloor. It’s composed of three plies of birch plywood coated with a 3.5-mm-thick layer of natural wood. It’s soaked with UF-oil recommended for use even in kindergartens. Also such a covering is good for heated floor systems, since plywood is most flexible when it comes to sharp climatic changes.


Finally, the lounge zone surrounded by gorgeous panoramic windows is formed by a giant Italian corner sofa by Flexform in natural upholstery protected from stains. A soft touch to this zone is brought by a bespoke Nepali carpet made using tufting technology of knotless weaving from mixed silk and wool threads.


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