“Soft Brutality” Interior Design Project for a Young Family

March 6, 2017
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Can harsh “concrete” interior feel cozy? Is there a golden mean between brutality and softness? Can bricks give the sense of spaciousness? Let’s find the answers to these questions together!


“Soft Brutalism”that is the name the author of this ambitious project gave to it. Deep shades of black and gray, wood, concrete, bricks… It may seem like this apartment was created for an old bachelor or a single admirer of industrial aesthetics. But you’ll be surprised to find out that this design was worked out for a family couple with a kid. Yes, that’s right! That is why the interior represents a peculiar mixture of austere lines and soft textures, cold concrete surfaces and warm color accents. Nice atmosphere for work, room for creativity and stylishness – all this is organically intertwined in this brutal and cozy project.

Layout changes

The apartment is newly-built and has few load-bearing walls. So the space could be safely altered. The clients didn’t want any significant changes, so the kitchen was just made open to the living room and one of the bathrooms was extended. Now the project is being implemented and we’ll dwell on three finished rooms: the bedroom, the living room and the study.


Color and textures

The entire project is built around colors and textures. And in particular around the favorite mistress’s color – gray – and two types of textures – concrete and bricks. They’re skillfully diluted with warm colors and bright contrasting elements. The wood stands in contrast to transparent glass and matches the textures of exotic veneer-faced panels, while cold concrete is softened by home textile and quiet color palette. Big windows introduce much sunlight, helping to avoid a dull atmosphere.



The interior of each room is bold and special. There is minimum of furniture, but it’s absolutely enough: a bed, a TV-set on a convenient stand, bedside tables, a chaise lounge, a couple of bookshelves and a desk for the master. Each piece is laconic and elegant, characterized by austere straight lines gradually changing into smooth curves.

The bedroom appeared to be romantic and quiet thanks to the light flooring, cozy textile, upholstered headboard and a light wall. A big graphite wall mural behind the bed reminds of fresh asphalt and plays the role of a contrast supporting the “brutal” concept of the interior.

1-1-brutal-contemporary-style-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-bedside-tables-hinged-desk-lamp-mirror-invisble-door-white-wall-black-bed-linen 1-2-brutal-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-light-floor-minimalism-glossy-white-wall-recessed-asymmetric-bookstand-book-shelves-black-chaise-lounge 1-3-brutal-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-recessed-shelves-bookstand-black-radiator-graphite-bed-linen-chair-white-bedside-table-wooden-TV-stand

Living room + Dining room

The living room consists of two functional zones: the lounge with a comfy sofa, an arm-chair with a footrest and a TV-set and the dining area with a big dining table and mismatched chairs. They are visually divided by means of a carpet and a change of wall finishes.

2-1-brutal-contemporary-style-living-room-lounge-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-glass-wall-TV-stand-white-kitchen-island-rug 2-3-brutal-contemporary-style-living-dining-room-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-mismatched-chairs-table-bricks-glass-wall-white-open-concept-kitchen-set-island

The dining zone is decorated with a classical black statue put into a wall recess, while the lounge wall is dressed up with a naturalistic and brutal wall panel.


The kitchen set is organically inserted in the composition, being very functional, quite compact, minimalist and equipped with an island used for both food preparation and seating.

2-5-brutal-contemporary-style-living-room-lounge-open-concept-kitchen-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-TV-stand-shelving-unit-white-kitchen-set-island 2-6-brutal-contemporary-style-open-concept-kitchen-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-bar-stools-white-set-island-pendant-lamps-cooker-hood-built-in-appliances

Unlike quieter bedroom, this space is more showy and saturated in terms of colors and textures. The owner’s favorite gray is mixed with warm hues of green and ochre represented in the details of furnishing, pieces of décor and finishes.


In terms of the color scheme, the study is closer to the bedroom – it’s also light and quiet. Regardless of a comfy soft sofa and no brick walls, it’s easy to concentrate here: neither laconic décor, nor a bright splash of a red chest of drawer deflect the attention. The designer has envisaged many storage options in the study, so it will be no problem to find room for books, papers, documents, disks and all the work stuff.

3-1-brutal-contemporary-style-work-room-study-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-red-chest-of-drawers-accents-sofa-desk-chair-storage-cabinets-projector-screen-panoramic-window 3-2-brutal-contemporary-style-work-room-study-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-red-chest-of-drawers-accents-desk-arm-chair-storage-cabinets-projector-screen 3-3-brutal-contemporary-style-work-room-study-interior-design-light-floor-gray-concrete-walls-minimalism-soft-sofa-storage-cabinets-projector-curtains-panoramic-window

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