Inspiring & Cozy Naturalistic Attic Interior Design

March 15, 2017
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This interior is an example of the case when all latest fashion trends ideally comply with an interior designer’s idea, and not the other way round. When one blindly follows the trends, the resulting interior appears to be soulless. And in this project one can find everything: soul, beauty and practicality.


This interior was designed for the inhabitants of guest quarters built beside a master’s summer cottage. This attic floor was planned as a living room for guests, whose bedroom is located on the first floor.

The style concept of the interior was pre-determined by two conditions: the clients’ passion for natural materials and a splendid forest and river view opening from the window. With such raw data eco-style and natural color scheme proved to be the best and most logical choice.


The project features many wooden elements and almost totally lacks synthetic materials. Besides being a major finishing material, wood is also the key decorative element.

The family includes four men, hence the designer felt obliged to add some notes of masculinity to the interior, but without compromising coziness and hominess aspects. Besides, the geometry of the room per se prompted the use of clear lines and austere shapes.

So, plenty of wood was complemented with metal and concrete finishes, and in general the attic was based on the game of contrasts: rough bricks and soft velvet, brutal forged elements and a delicate crayon.


The ceiling is sloped and has a height of just one meter at the bottom point. So it was determined to make most use of these inconvenient zones for the sake of symmetry, while keeping the middle of the room as open as possible. That’s why closed storage areas were organized beside the windows and the centre was designed as a lounge zone.

To emphasize the ceiling height and set the airy atmosphere the designer had a few faux ceiling beams custom-made and decorated them with metal elements. And the top point of the roof was dressed up with a group of pendant lamps instead of one customary chandelier.


The center of attention in the room is a bio-fireplace faced with brass and concrete against the background of a decorative wooden composition made from second-hand barn boards. The latter is coupled with a matching bespoke coffee table with hand-forged metal framework.


A forest image appeared under the sloped ceiling on iconic wallpaper, a well-recognized image of which was supplemented with funny golden pears. These pears are matched by a sconce that was custom-made from a golden retro lamp. Also, forest motifs are replicated on the ceiling lampshade and in small details, such as wardrobe handles and end capes of curtain rods.

5-1-contemporary-style-attic-interior-sloped-ceiling-white-walls-wooden-shelves-yellow-pillows-gray-sofa-living-room-coffee-tables-forged-naturalistic-wallpaper-corkwood-floor-brass-sconce-lamp-storage-area 5-2-hand-forged-metal-leaf-shaped-wardrobe-furniture-handle-curtain-rod-end-cap-naturalistic-home-decor-details

The dining zone can also boast a few interesting features, such as a makeshift shelving unit composed out of common wooden boxes. It’s organized on an erector-set principle: boxes can be added, removed, rotated, in a word re-arranged in versatile ways. A dining table top is made of a dark tree slab, and the shelving unit base is trimmed with brass panels.

6-1-contemporary-style-attic-interior-metal-forged-dining-table-sloped-ceiling-white-walls-gray-chairs-living-room-dining-area-naturalistic-corkwood-floor-wooden-shelving-unit-mosular-slab-top 6-2-contemporary-style-attic-interior-metal-forged-dining-table-sloped-ceiling-white-walls-gray-chairs-living-room-dining-area-naturalistic-corkwood-floor-wooden-shelving-unit-mosular-slab-top

The background of this project is one of the favorite ones for contemporary interior designers – purely white walls. They create a great backstage for natural wood, concrete, pale gray home textile and black, golden and bright yellow accents. And a splendid finishing touch is brought by a bespoke crayon with spring landscape.


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