Ethnic Apartment Inspired by Portuguese & Central Asian Motifs

March 20, 2017
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This four-room apartment with a total area of 93.5 sq. m. is fulfilled with details that become apparent after a while: at first glance you just see a beautiful classically-furnished flat designed in deep, saturated colors. And just then your eye catches the sight of numerous details that make this interior very special. The point is the hostess lives in Eastern Europe, but her heart belongs to the history of her native land in Central Asia – Uzbekistan – and natural beauty of her favorite holiday destination – Portugal. That is why naturalistic powdered hues were used as the basis for the interior and some sense of deepness was added by contrasting dark furniture and oriental floral patterns in home textile.


Master bedroom

The flat includes three bedrooms, and only one of them stands out of the general background – the master one. Its dominating color is saturated emerald green. Such a deep color plays two important roles – it disguises the complicated architecture of the room and makes the ceiling appear visually higher. Moreover, this is the mistress’s favorite color along with purple, which serves as the second dominating color in the bedroom interior. And to bring all the rooms in the apartment together, the interior designer chose three basic hues: brownish beige, greenish blue and reddish purple.

1-1-neo-classical-style-bedroom-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-colors-blue-red-purple-bright-turquoise-wallpaper-beige-bed-dressing-table-nightstand-open-balcony-drapery 1-2-neo-classical-style-bedroom-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-colors-blue-red-purple-bright-turquoise-wallpaper-beige-bed-dressing-table-nightstand-bedside-mirror-pendant-lamps


Dark color scheme helped to tighten the general style and mood in the entire space. And in doing so an ideal balance of light, dark and supplementary shades was obtained. For instance, in the kitchen used was cold graphite gray color diluted with warm yellow patina. The same yellow hue is found in kitchen cabinet finishes in the middle of the room, in marble veins of the countertop and backsplash, in cabinet handles, curtains and pieces of décor – everything is intertwined and complementary. A beautiful detail of this room is a custom-made lampshade of the lamp lighting the dining zone – it resembles a traditional national Uzbek cap – a tubeteika.

2-1-neo-classical-style-kitchen-dining-room-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-blue-cabinets-red-chairs-yellow-brass-accents-wooden-cooker-hood-marble-countertop-backsplash 2-2-neo-classical-style-kitchen-dining-room-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-blue-cabinets-red-chairs-yellow-brass-accents-wooden-cooker-hood-marble-countertop-backsplash-open-bar

Living room

Considering the open-concept plan of the living room, it was designed in the same color scheme as the kitchen. But here you will find more warm hues of natural wood that add the sense of hominess to it. And one of the key roles was given to the game of different patterns and textures within a common color range.

3-1-neo-classical-style-living-room-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-colors-blue-red-purple-wall-to-wall-bookcase-wooden-carved-coffee-table-floor-lamp-arm-chairs-sofa-white-walls 3-2-neo-classical-style-living-room-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-dark-colors-blue-red-purple-bookcase-wooden-carved-coffee-table-floor-lamp-arm-chairs-sofa-rug

Kid’s bedroom

The bedroom of the elder son is designed in unostentatious nautical style. Blue is a win-win match for beige shades. Some contrast is brought by small dark details, such as a staircase, furniture fittings and lamps. Diverse textures refresh the general monochrome color palette, and vertical wallpaper stripes visually lift the ceiling. An original detail of this room’s interior is a magnetic wall mural with the world map opposite the loft bed.

4-1-neo-classical-nautical-style-toddler-kid's-boy's-room-bedroom-interior-stripy-wallpaper-loft-bed-work-area-desk-underneath-storage-light-wood-dark-fittings-ladder-blue-rug-beige 4-2-neo-classical-style-kid's-toddler-boy's-room-bedroom-interior-with-ethnic-motifs-Central-Asian-Uzbek-Portuguese-nautical-magnetic-world-map-wall-mural-shelves-decor-globe-rocking-horse

Baby’s room

The baby’s room goes in line with the other rooms penetrated with the atmosphere of Uzbekistan.  Its centerpiece is a wash-drawing with ombre effect on one of the walls. Thanks to beautiful shades of mint green and turquoise, it creates a special sense of airiness in the room and makes it appear bigger. The sleeping area is dressed up with a gorgeous ceiling-mounted lilac canopy. And a finishing ethnic touch is brought by beautiful bed linen with Asian motifs in bluish purple.


Music corner

A separate zone was given to a music corner: it’s composed of a piano and a sweet collection of retro family photos and souvenirs.


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